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Hey people, I am here with the new topic of Angels where we will learn how can we increase our mental strength with the help of Angels.

Anyone can take the blessings of Angels but especially the women who are single mothers, late unmarried ladies, or ladies who are facing separation, who face loneliness must invoke Archangel Gabriel for increasing strength to live strongly. Many people who are ready to take the emotional advantages of ladies.
You can take help of Archangel Gabriel for having strength in any aspect, it may be for relationship healing, to forgive someone, for career or to achieve goals. You can take help for emotional, mental physical, financial, or spiritual needed strength.

I had a client where she was in acute depression because her partner backed off after having 6 months of a living relationship. She was emotionally broken, I took counselling sessions with the Angel therapy. The results were amazing, soon she was ready for new beginnings.

You can prepare the altar for this purpose. The best day is Friday, though you can do this on any day. Take Archangel Gabriel photo, write Angel letter to him (already blog and video how to write Angel letter). Put the things that are associate with Gabriel in the alter, like stones, colours, feathers and fragrances. Light a candle, write down your intention for manifestation in 2-4 words, you can anoint it with essential oil and pray to him. You have to visualise the bright white light is surrounding you and giving you strength.

You can write Angel number 881 on your left hand with blue colour or you can also write it on a paper and keep it on the altar.

Let me share one more case study with you of a lady who had been in 8 years of a long relationship and now when she was marrying to someone else, she had no strength for a new beginning because previous relationship was toxic for her. After I cleared the old pattern with the help of Angels, the inner person of her started feeling live.

Angels create miracles in your life, you just have to be open for it. For more detail information watch full video. 

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