Learn theLESS KNOWN SECRETof Attracting Abundance of Health, Wealth and Relationship And Start living a Debt, Disease  and Stress FREE Life!

Join 21 DAYS Angel Manifesation BOOTCAMP that helped Over 10000+ students to turn wishes into reality.

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Bonuses worth ₹ 99999/-

Live Master Class

Time: 5 PM to 6 PM

21 Days of Hand Holding

Bonuses worth 99K

Affirmation That Works

Affirmation for 10X better health, wealth, relationship, career and money.

Discover Angel's Power

Discover the secret of how angels can help you to thrive in your life.

Divine Meditation

Achieve calmness like a monk through divine meditation.

Science Of Motivation

Easy and simple steps to be in maha motivation state.

Body Energy

Master the high-state energy secret to achieving your dream life fast.

Know Your Chakras

Find the core issue of your complex life and rectify them by knowing chakras.

Over 10000+ Students got benefited from this 21-DAY BOOTCAMP. Just look at the kind of results Participants have been getting

Overcame Migraine

Neelam overcame 30-years old migraine with the help of angel healing technique after getting no results from ayurveda & allopathy.

$5000 in 4 Months

Chirasree overpassed her mental and physical abuse with the help of angel manifastation and earned $5000 in 4  months in business.

Got Job In Dubai

Rumi found herself with anxiety, fear, and Health issue. She was looking magical course, and angel manifestation did the same for her.

2X Her Income

Shantini 2X her income through her life coach business, and She learned various techniques, and now she is helping people to achieve their dream Goals.

Cured Depression

Madhuri cured her depression issue and found herself more confident and independent after joining the angel manifestation program.

Housewife Made 1L/Month

Dr. Pankajini, a life coach, transformed
her life from a comma patient into a
life coach. And currently, she making 1L/Month.

Unlock Bonuses Worth INR 99K


#Bonus 1: Worth Value INR 15K

Angel Introductory Course

This includes who angels are and angel's manifestation, why it works and does not work for some people, and how it will help you achieve abundance and a 10x better life.


#Bonus 2: Worth Value INR 50K

Recorded Sessions

Session recording of 21 days of Bootcamp. Plus 200+ videos of previously done sessions on affirmation practice. It would help you do affirmation practice more frequently.


#Bonus 3: Worth Value INR 5K

Affirmation Template

Pre-recorded video on how to create an affirmation that works. Tried & tested affirmation template for attracting abundance in health, wealth,and relationship.


#Bonus 4: Worth Value INR 30K

Free 1-2-1 Consultation Call

60- minute 1:1 counseling with Counselor, where I will understand your lifestyle and challenges in order to give you the right direction to thrive in your life.

For whom this program is

I want to be more confident, focused, and positive

I want to be more Calmer, and Positive thought Minded

I want to achieve stress and disease FREE Life

I want to achieve 10x Better Career and Business growth

I want to Be In the Top 1% in my field of work

I want to be rich and have Financial Independence in life

I want to be in a better Relationship

I want to control my mind and life in order to thrive in life

For Whom This Program Is



  • Feeling lagged and demotivated in your work.
  • Doing fine but want to grow big.
  • Want better salary hike this year.
  • Tired of your boss/ office politics.
  • Want personal time for your family and friends.


  • Feeling alone and disrespected.
  • Want to accomplish something great.
  • Want your child to grow in all aspects.
  • Want your husband's job/ business to do well.
  • Want to help your family to overcome their challenges.

Business owner/trader

  • Want to 10X your business growth.
  • Want to make better decisions for your business.
  • Want personal time for your family and friends.
  • Worried about business future and don’t know what to do.
  • Want to overcome your debt.

Job Aspirant

  • Want High paying Job
  • Preparing for a government job but not able to make it.
  • Facing issues during the interview and want to overcome it.
  • Your experience is not allowing you to take one more chance.
  • Want to help your family to overcome debt.

Or someone who is looking for 360 degrees change and wants to live Debt, Stress, Anxiety, and any other Life Problem FREE LIFE.

What You Learn Inside The Program


Affirmation That Works


Discover the Angels


Divine Meditation


Know Your Chakras


Secret Of Body Energy


Science Of Motivation

How It Works

Day 1 To Day 7

You will learn the power of angels, write affirmation that works, the secret of maha motivation, the master formula to vibrate at high energy, and the importance of chakras.









Day 8 To Day 14

The key to success lies in taking action to implement your learning. In the second week, you will learn how to implement your learning for 10X growth.

Day 15 To Day 21

As you know, practice makes a man perfect and helps you form a lifelong habit. So, in the third week, you will practice manifestation, and we will take care of your doubt and query.




Practise Sessions

Our Success Stories

Got More Customers

Kamala was running out of customers for her business during the covid phase and was looking for some solution. So she took help from angels. Now customers are looking for her service, and she doesn’t have time to serve them all.

Got Married Proposal 

Dhaatrik was looking for better half and was searching, So she manifested the same. Currently, she is getting a lot of marriage proposals. She never thought manifestation had this kind of Power, and she would be the witness of the same on her 3rd day of the program.

Got Stucked 1.5 Lakh

Priyanka is an Independent woman. She needed 1.5L, so she tried to take help from her family, but no one supported her. Even her father denied it. So she sought help from angels, manifested the same, and witnessed the power of angels.

Wish into Reality

Avneet wrote down her dream life goals. Such as better relationship with husband and daughter, per month earnings, and much more. She is so happy as angels are turning her wishes into reality and taking care of all her obstacles.

Meet the Coach

I help people to eliminate financial problems, broken relationships, health, and many more.

So, a million-dollar question, "WHY AM I DOING IT?"

Like you, even I didn't know what angels were and how to ask for help from them. It was when my wife was on her death bed, and I was looking for some help that time I got to know about angels, and it was no less than a miracle for me to see my wife in a better condition after asking for help from angels.

From there, I started my journey with angels, which has turned into an enduring relationship.

I also learned about angel healing and went further into it. Finally, after a few years, I quit my job and went into the healing industry.

For the last five years, I have helped people through healing.
I feel fortunate that the universe chose me for this, and I can support such a large number of people by adding value to their lives.

I have a vision that every home should have one healer, and people should live a holistic life. So I am on a mission to help more than one lakh people and make them competent and confident healers who can lead to successful healings for needy people.


Hi, I am Nitin Mohan Lal

  • Psychologist
  • Angelic Healer
  • Reiki Grand master
  • Switchword Consultant
  • NLP Practitioner
  • Life Coach
  • Tarot Card Reader
  • Amazon Bestseller Author

Please check the below want list

I want to be MORE confident, focused, and positive

I want to be MORE calmer, and positive thought minded

I want to achieve stress and disease FREE Life

I want to achieve 10x BETTER career and business growth

I want to Be In the TOP 1% in my field of work

I want to be RICH and have financial independence in life

I want to be in a BETTER relationship

I want to control my mind and life in order to THRIVE in life

If you want any of one of the things from the above list then you are invited to join

Still Not Convinced

Check out the snippets of daily master class how our students are getting their dream life with the help of angel manifestation.

Over 5000+ Happy Students Around The Globe 

Mamoni Shash 


She was running out of customers for her business. So she asked help from angels for the same, and she got customers for her business as per her it’s a magic.



Asha helped a stressed person as he lost his essential document bag. She is feeling blessed as she is assisting through angels healing.



A mother took the help of angels for her child's health. Without any medicines, a child got cured. She is so Happy and feels that it's magic for her.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will get the access to your course within 24 hours of your payment. You will get the call from designated counsellor who will take your induction program and start your course.

No this is a 100% Online program & all content are available on our Nitin Mohan Lal academy.

After enrolling you have access for 21 days. You can do it as many times as you want within 21 days. Also you will get the recording of daily zoom live for practice.

An open mind and desire to manifest with the help of angels. Ready to take the steps and implement the recommendations. A phone or laptop or tablet with good internet connectivity.

No, there is NO REFUND for this program as you get 100% access to the program on the day you join, so it can't be refundable.

Your guardian angels are always there with you and there is an angel wish that is why you are joining this course. Magic happens with action takers and with those who believe in magic. We have seen so many miracles in the lives of people who had no knowledge about angels and transformed their life.

In this 21 days Angel Manifestation Bootcamp, you will learn how to make your customized angel affirmation for your desire related to health, relation, career, and money. You will know the secret of making angel affirmations and using angel affirmations for manifestation. In addition, there will be a daily zoom session.

Everyone should take help from angels. You are going to transform your life with angels. Start your journey with baby steps. Do as directed in 21 days Angel Manifestation Bootcamp.

It will be explained by the counsellor in your induction program.

This program motivates you to take action in your life and this program is the journey you are going to start with angels.

Daily 5 pm to 6 pm IST Zoom live with Nitin Sir or anytime as per your convenience you can practise with daily zoom live recording.

It is not that you can’t invest Rs. 50 per day in your learning. It is only that you think somewhere that this is not the priority or you don’t have the mindset to invest in your learning or you don’t have the intention to help yourself. Start your beautiful journey with angels.

The program starts within 24 hours after your registration. It is a 21 days online program that you can follow each day.

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