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Hello, everyone, I am really glad to share this course with you all. This workshop is made with the intention to resolve most of the general issues of your life. In Online Basic Angel Blessings Course, we have learnt to do prayers and invoking the Angels. In this Advance Course, we will learn to do manifestations and healings with the Angels.

First of all, I want to tell you healing with the Angels are one of the divine and easiest ways to manifest your desires and dreams. These healings are extremely powerful if you do it with full trust and patience. This will increase your energy and make it so powerful so that you can experience a better and faster outcome. In this course, you will learn each and every practical technique in detail to do healing.

We are going to cover 30 healing in this course which will cover all the area of your problem like health, relationship, money, career, confidence, spiritual growth, intuition power & etc.

Topics That We Cover:

  • How to attract an ideal and correct life partner in your life?
  • How to heal your relationship with Lover / Spouse with whom things are not going well?
  • How to attract infinite abundance in your life?
  • How to attract client for your business?
  • How to heal the addiction of the person?
  • How to get success in competitive Exams?
  • How to heal your relationship with your parents?
  • How to get desired job?
  • How to get success in legal matter?
  • How to get desired promotion?
  • How to heal your issues to repay loan / debts?
  • How to protect yourself against any sort of negativity or evil eye or nazar?
  • How to protect yourself against black magic, witchcraft etc?
  • How to heal your stress and negative thoughts?
  • How to detach with someone?
  • How to increase your concentration?
  • How to remove particular person from your life?
  • How to recover your stucked money?
  • How to settle your long time stuck matter or disputed matter?
  • How to heal your general health issues?
  • How to heal your chronic health issues?
  • How to grow spiritually in your life?
  • How to increase your psychic and intuitive power?
  • How to purchase a desire property?
  • How to cleanse energy of your home/property/office against all sort of negativities?
  • How to make a sale of property?
  • How to invoke Angels for conceiving a baby?
  • How to invoke Angels for safe delivery of baby?
  • How to invoke Angels for healing any life obstacle and attaining success?
  • How to invoke Angels for marriage of the person of the person who is not getting right match?

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