Anjali Puri
Certification in Neurology, Angel Healing

Anjali Puri is currently into the Nine-Step Process and has completed her senior secondary education. She has a certification in numerology. She is glad that she has been learning a lot through this course. Her aim is to help out the maximum number of people and let them enjoy a peaceful life. She has helped quite many people and added value to their lives through healing sessions. Her expertise is in Angel healing and feels she is very good at it. Through her healings, she has been able to help a lot of people and the results were visible within a few days.

She has changed her life with the help of Angels and sights to bring the same change in the life of other women. Her aim is to make the maximum number of women financially and emotionally independent so that they can live happily.

Anjali has been able to transform herself with the help of Angels and healings. Earlier, she lacked self-confidence, self-love, and self-worth. She was dependent on her family members for emotional support and used to feel bad whenever she would get ignored. Angels helped her a lot a gaining her confidence and becoming emotionally strong. Now, she does not need anyone for providing her support because she is enough for herself. She has become financially independent and has been able to form a different identity in her family. Now, all the family members and her friends value her a lot and come to her whenever they seek a solution for their problems. She has become the personality that she has always wanted to be since her childhood. She loves herself and is full of confidence for defeating all the upcoming challenges in her life.

Through healings, Anjali has been able to maintain a cordial relationship with her family and friends. Her relationships have improved with her husband and other family members and she is thankful to Angels for this. She has broken the connection with her past painful memories which were like a hurdle and prevented her from moving ahead. She has collected the courage to become independent in terms of finance. Also, she has mastered her emotions and overcome all the challenges in her life. Today, she has no complaints from her life and is thankful to Angels for whatever she has achieved till now. She is determined to work for the betterment of people and help them in solving all the problems of their lives.

Anjali has helped several people in finding a solution to their problems. Many people came to her who were suffering from a lot of health issues and were disappointed with their health condition. She applied healings to them and the results were visible within a few days. People were amazed to see how she cured their health issues that were years old. Some cases were of paralysis, some were of migraine, and some had skin ailments. Even people with financial problems and issues in business also approached her and she helped them in expanding their business and getting their desired job. She even helped people in addressing relationship issues. She has turned out to be an inspiration for many and people never forget to show her gratitude for her help. Today, she has the solution for all people irrespective of age or gender.

Anjali even helped many women who were stuck in toxic relationships. She has seen many cases when where women were facing issues with identity and wanted to be financially independent. Many women wanted to make use of time in an appropriate manner and increase productivity. She taught them healings and now, they are doing very well in their career. For women, it has become easy to view their career in the industry of healing. She has been an inspiration for many women who have got motivated to take action in their lives. Women have felt a lot of change in their lives through healing sessions. She had a desire to help women of her society and through healings, she has been able to do so. She feels fortunate that she can act as a support system for many women and help them in being productive for their family members.

Anjali has provided protection to a lot of people from getting loss in their business. In a few cases, people were on the verge of losing their business and she came like magic into their lives and saved them from experiencing a great financial loss. Some people approached her with the desire to expand their clients and business. In short, she has helped people with whatever issue they had. Through healing sessions, she has helped a significant amount of people who were even under depression. She is glad that she has helped people and will continue to help them in the future as well. She is going to include the maximum number of people in the industry of healing so that there is the maximum number of healers in society. She wishes to add value to the lives of all whom she is in touch with. Her desire is to achieve all the dreams in her life and fulfill what others wish.

In terms of achievements, Anjali has performed many successful healings that have turned out to be beneficial for people. She has been an inspiration and motivator for many women who found the courage to take action for change in their lives. People have found her to be a mentor and ask for advice whenever they feel they are in a problem. Anjali has benefited a lot from the Nine-Step process and has the desire to learn about all the courses of Angels. Up till now, she has been able to bring some people into the industry of healing who have found healing to be the right career option for them. She has achieved a lot of things for herself and wishes to lead a satisfactory life. She has even treatment old people who were suffering from body pain and stomach problems.

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