Ashok Kumar
Businessman, Healer

Ashok Kumar Purwar is an Allied Businessman, who deals in surgical instruments since 1978. In terms of skills, he can convert the worst into best through healings, convert disappointment into hope, generates and creates all hope with happiness in all aspect of life.

He holds a bachelors degree in science and later did his business administration course. Later he got into healing and other modalities. He has been certified for reiki grandmaster, pranic healing, tarot card reading, pendulum dousing, vast healing, and Angel therapies.

He has in total three years of experience in healing. Through his knowledge, he has successfully performed healings for many people and treated them to get back to normal. His expertise lies in reiki and Angel healing.

Ashok Kumar Purwar stepped into the industry of healing and reiki in 2013 through his known Sudhir Tripathi. He was unable to continue learning about this due to his illness and we went through bypass surgery. Three years back, he got again into the reiki healing.

Ashok Kumar has been credited for healing people who were going through a lot of health issues. He treated a person who was going through dialysis twice a month and after healing, his health started recovering. He sees many cases where medical science fails to understand the root of the cause and healing shows mind-blowing results. He provides solutions to those who are disappointed with their health issues and are unable to find a permanent solution. His healings have been no less than a miracle for those who were going through serious ailments. He treated chronic skin problems, which were 10-12 years old. For this, he is thankful to Angels and tried to help as many people as possible.

Ashok has also performed healings for relationship issues. Many people came to him who were in toxic relationships and through healings, they found a way to free themselves. Healings have worked like a magic for them and all those who experience issues in their relationship approach him. He has successfully saved many marriages from getting into pieces. For this, he performs other types of healings as well that provide successful results within few days. People themselves get surprised by the results of healings performed by him. Today, many people consider him to be their mentor and ask for guidance whenever they feel the need. For him, Angels are his mentor who helps in making necessary decisions and maintains strength.

Ashok is proficient in performing Angel, Pranic, and reiki healings. He runs the Divine healing center at Prayagraj, where he provides all of his services to people who need them. There he eliminates all the problems of mind, body, and soul. There he also provides practical guidelines to people for better. He provides counseling as well to people so that they can remain in a peaceful frame of mind. Through his healing center, he caters to many people so that they can get rid of their issues and maintain harmony between their minds, body, and soul. He has the zeal to learn more if required and wants to get the maximum knowledge. Whenever he witnesses any challenge, he invokes Angels and they guide him.

Ashok encourages people to promote self-esteem, prestige, and well-being so that an atmosphere of homogeneity can be maintained. Also, he motivates people to give up phobia, bad addictions, and bad habits to lead a harmonious life. He has learned all other things as well which can add a soothing touch to his services and to those who need help. His services can go beyond everything for providing remedies to people. He works for the betterment of the people so that they can live a happy life. Through healings, he has found an appropriate way through which he can help a large number of people in solving all types of problems. Through his dedication, he has performed a significant number of successful healings, which are rising day by day.

The mission of Ashok is to make people aware of healing so that they can quickly solve problems and live happily. Most people suffer from health issues and end up spending thousands of money. Through his service, he wants to treat people with good success rates. He has himself seen a drastic change in himself and wishes to see it within others as well. He always wanted to do something for the betterment of society but never got a way. Through healings, he caters to a large number of people. He feels blessed that he has been able to continue his journey with Angels even after a big surgery and is helping a large number of people to address their issues.

Ashok has been successful in transforming many lives. He has worked on many people for developing confidence and strength. Through counseling and healings, he has motivated many people to take action in life. His knowledge and lessons of life prove to be beneficial for youth and young people. Ashok has become more productive in his life and has made many lives better than before. He aims to continue this in his coming life as well and serve as many many people as possible. He is happy and finds peace in helping people through healings. Also, he would like to add more people in the industry of healing and value to the lives of people.

In terms of his achievements, Ashok has successfully healed around 90-100 people with great results and great applause from all over. He has healed people from different places such as Prayagraj, Delhi, Kanpur, Ghaziabad, Mirzapur, Mumbai, Varanasi, Pune, and the USA as well. He performed reiki for treating people who were disappointed with their health and were tired of taking medicines from ayurvedic and allopathic doctors. The success rate of his healing has been 90-95%. He aims to make society free of ailments of body, mind, and soul. He sights to solve physical and incurable diseases, negative mind, Blackmagic, psychic problems, family disputes, relationship problems, financial problems, educational problems, career problems, and many others.

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