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Hello everyone, this topic is eye-opening for the people who don’t get results after doing Angel healing or simple Angel prayer. The reason is these people are doing some heavy blunders which are creating obstacles in the outcome and that’s why in this blog I am telling you few mistakes that you must not do; so that you get good results of your prayers.

1) Self-centred – Some people get selfish and mean while doing Angel healing. They want the outcome of their prayers even if their wish is costing someone’s wellness. Angels do divine work, they are not the devil energy.

2) Impatience – Don’t be impatient, don’t set the time for the outcome. Your work is to do prayer/healing from an open heart. Rest universe and Angels will decide how and when to deliver the results.

3) Challenging the Angels – This could be the biggest blockage you create for yourself. Some people challenge Angels, ‘if you exist to make this work done or do that then I will trust your presence’. This is disgraceful and disrespecting. Angels are not your servants. Ask for their blessings to heal or manifest your pure intentions.

4) Highest good – Angels will never help you in manifesting something which is not for your highest good. If that thing can hurt you or someone else even unintentionally, Angels won’t serve your wish. Sometimes, we become too attached to our wish that we don’t think if its good for us or not. But Angels do take care of it.

5) Right process – People learn from unreliable sources, internet etc and start doing angel healing. That’s a BIG NO NO. You must know which Angel is assigned for what purpose. How to invoke them, how to do proper healings. It’s all energy and it should be done in a sophisticated manner.

6) No Experiments – Angels are no experiments, they are living in reality. You cannot do prayer/healing just for the sake of the experiment and then the hope for the results. You have to be in sweetness if devotion and faith, that connectivity with Angels help you in manifestations.

7) Being ignorant – The receptivity should be open, make yourself available for getting guidance. Be aware and conscious. Let me share my personal experience, at the very beginning like every year’s ago, when I was doing healings for my abundance I started to see Angelbroking ad everywhere. I didn’t know about stocks, shares and mutual funds at that time.
I thought it was it was something related to Angels I kept ignoring it for a long time. After a few days from someone, I got to know it’s a trading firm and I took it as guidance and invested there! It turned out the very good decision of my life.

8) Take actions– Take the right actions at the right time. If you want a cake angels will give you all the ingredients but at last you have to make it for yourself.

9) Don’t be desperate – People become so desperate, they try to forcefully connect with Angels, want to see them, want results. They keep calling angels for showing up so desperately that it won’t happen. It won’t happen for anybody who will get desperate.

10) Stuck with negativity – Some people become so attached with the negativity and keep affirming like that only. It’s not happening, I don’t know it happens or not, I don’t think Angels exist etc. Just try to be in a positive and calm state always.

I hope I was able to make you aware of most 10 common mistakes people do and then font get the desired results. If you want to know more about it you can watch the video 

Note: Claim your Free Online “Angel Introductory Program” available only for my subscriber. If you have not subscribed to my YouTube channel yet, Subscribe it now and avail the free online course.

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