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    • #1. 4 Signs To Know When You Get The Protection From Angels
    • #2. Case Study: Neelam came to know how to cure migraine with the help of Angels?

A few things like loneliness and issues in marital life can disrupt the normal life of a person. Sometimes we feel like we have seen struck in a situation in which no one can help us out. Even some of our closest people leave us during our difficult times. Nowadays, everyone is surrounded by difficulties and challenges in life. Some have the potential to cope up with them, but some get depressed and even don’t feel the need to continue their lives. Challenges occur so that we can increase our potential and do better in our lives.

Mostly, people approach me and ask for solutions to their problems. Will they be able to come out of their tough time? They ask if they will get protection from Guardian Angel. Many people ask if the end of their lives has come or there are more problems to come? They embrace loneliness, depression, and negativity to such an extent that they lose all hopes and turn out to be pessimistic.

All the problems in life are not easy to tackle, but you can take help from Angels. Invoking Archangel Michael for protection is one of the best ways to keep yourself away from problems in your life. Angels are always there for our help; it’s just we need to address them and ask for help. They are just like our guardians who keep showering their grace on us. Angels love to help people who seek them for help irrespective of how tough is the situation.

1. 4 Signs To Know When You Get The Protection From Angels

After one asks Angels for help, they leave certain signs that help one to understand that Angels are with him. Because they can’t inform us verbally about their presence, they use some mediums to inform us about the same. We just need to know the Angel protection symbol:

1. Change in the Temperature – When Archangel Michael protection is with us, it is possible to experience a change in the temperature. You will start feeling soothing and relaxed. This is one of the common ways that will let you know that Angels are with you. Whenever you travel at night, seek Angels for protection.

2. Finding Coins – you must have found coins many times, but it is nothing but a way that Angels try to assure that they are helping you. You might get a coin at any place, like while playing in the park, going to the office, or walking on the road.

3. Lights – If you realize sudden lights or reflections, understand that Angels are giving protection to you, and you need not fear about anything. This is how one gets to know that he can keep himself protect with Angels.

4. Rainbow – whenever you see a rainbow, it means that Angels are trying to say that you need to be confident and have hope. It is a way to give motivation and encouragement. Rainbow is a sign from Angels that are always there to help you. It is possible to see a rainbow after an Angel protection prayer.

Whenever you feel alone, always invoke Angels for help. Those who are single or have got separated from their partners must invoke to Angels and ask for protection.

I would recommend observing the above things so that one can know that Angels are there for our help. It might be a little tough to realize these things in today’s busy life, but take out a few minutes and feel the protection from Angels.

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2. Case Study: Neelam Came To Know How To Cure Migraine With The Help Of Angels?

Meet Mrs Neelam, who belongs to Meerut and is 53 years old. She has two children who are well settled in their lives. She got married at the age of 17
due to the bad health condition of her mother, and that’s why she couldn’t achieve much in her life. She has a male-dominant family that also restricted
her from moving ahead in her life. She lives with her husband, who has a business in construction. Over many years, she was suffering from severe
migraine and was looking for the best thing for migraine relief at home. She lost all the hopes that someday she will be able to get healthy and was
suffering for the last 30 years. She was struggling to find the best treatment for migraine, but nothing worked for her.

Finally, she realized that she could listen to Angels and was even aware of their presence. Before enrolling in the course, she realized that there was something positive that was helping her in her tough situations. Finally, she enrolled herself in Online Basic Angel Course followed by 9 step process. As a result, she had healed her 30 years old migraine problem, helped her daughter to conceive, recovered her granddaughter, helped her son to continue his job, and today leading a healthy and happy life.

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