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    • #1. How To Overcome Financial Issues With The Help Of Angels
    • #2. 4 Tips To Attract Money With The Help Of Angels
    • #3. Case Study: How Dipa Healed Her Aunts From COVID-19?

Earning money is one of those tasks that people find highly difficult. Money is the basis of life because, without money or less money, you can’t lead a happy life. Due to lack of money, people feel unable to give a happy life to their loved ones. Sometimes relationships also get disturbed due to this reason. Even close ones also leave when they find someone in financial crises. You must have seen how the situation changes, and people find limited resources to earn money. People have become so frustrated that they are looking for ways through which they can earn more money.

1. How To Overcome Financial Issues With The Help Of Angels

People approach me and ask for ways through which they can attract money. They share how the loss of money has changed their lives, and relationships have also been affected due to this. They ask how to overcome financial problems in their family and what are the causes of financial problems. Due to the increase in the demand for luxuries, people are looking for more resources to get money. Many people share how lack of money has taken them towards depression.

Did you know? There is a way to attract money. Angels can help in overcoming serious financial problems. You just need to pray, ‘help me with money problems’. Angels are pure souls that are always ready to solve financial problems. They can guide you and take you to the appropriate way to attract money.

2. 4 Tips To Attract Money With The Help Of Angels

If you are looking for ways to how to solve financial problems, then follow these tips:

1. Make Your Identity With Money – With thoughts like you are poor or you cannot come out of financial crises, you can never attract money. Through this, you attract misery and struggle. You should keep yourself away from the thoughts that take you towards hopelessness. You need to invoke Archangel Ariel to attract money and have a feeling of abundance. With a positive and blessed feeling, you will experience an increment in money.

2. Angel Rituals – You need to take a bay leaf and write your wish on it with a sketch pen. Then, light a candle and burn that leaf. In the smoke, you need to visualize that the universe is opening the doors of abundance for you and blessing you with money. After the process, you should not get desperate and need to let go of the process. Becoming desperate for the manifestation will start working against you.

3. Listen To The Angels – It is very important to be the leader of your life rather than depending on others for advice. Taking risks is also important so that you can live up to your dream. You need to have faith in Angels, which will produce highly positive energy for you.

4. Make Angel Journal – I always share how you can overcome problems through switchwords. For the money, the switchword is COUNT. You can chant it multiple times. With the switchword, you need to have a strong belief as well. Negative thoughts and lack of belief act as a hurdle in the manifestation.

To know how to overcome the financial problem, you need to strengthen your relationship with Angels. For this, you can watch read other blogs and watch my videos.

Believe in Angels because they are always with you.

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3. Case Study: How Dipa Healed Her Aunts From COVID-19?

Meet Dipa Prasad, who is 35 years old, based out of West Bengal. She is a healer and is learning more about it. Before entering into the Angel courses, she was facing a lot of problems in her life. She lives with her family in a Bengali area, where people wanted them to relocate and wanted to get hold of their property anyhow. Her relatives tortured her family, due to which her mother started having heart issues and sister started having psychotic problems. Her childhood went in watching the torture of her uncles, due to which she found solace in nature.

However, she felt the need to communicate with Angels so that she and her family can lead a happy and peaceful life. She had faith in Angels and wanted to have their support.

As a result, she got herself enrolled in the Basic Angel Course, and her problems vanished gradually. Today, she has two flats and is living comfortably with the help of Angels.

Read the full story to know more about how Dipa starts her journey with Angels, boarded in the train with the help of Angels, healed her aunts from COVID-19, changed the mindset of her sister and got rid of her health issues, got rid of Blackmagic, and cured her mother of serious health issues.

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