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Hello everyone, in this blog, I am going to share 5 effective ways through which you can communicate with Angels.

If you practice these ways in your day to day life you will get amazing results soon.

1) Dream writing: You need a notebook and a pen. It will be good if you maintain an attractive notebook or diary. Title your notebook, for example, Mission Dream, Dream Interpretation or whatever you like. Now before going to bed pray to Angels ‘whatever Angels want to convey me, convey through dreams’. Next day try writing your dream immediately after waking up. In a few days, you will observe you can remember your full dreams and how these dreams are conveying you guidance and messages. You will experience in your daily life. Sleep is a very restful state where we are not in resistance or get disturbed by our logical mind to experience the magic.

2) Verbal communication: I am sure for at least once you have felt like someone is calling your name or someone is talking behind you but when you look for it you found no one. Even you ask people around you, have you call me? That is the time when the Angel wants to talk to you, guide you. Kindly raise your vibrations to connect with them.

3) Feelings: Sometimes it happens that we just feel a tender touch, goosebumps, chills, warm and positive feelings or sensation, at that time Angels want to give you the sign, guidance and message. Try to become more aware and make a connection with them.

4) Vision: This is a very general way most people experience but they often ignore it. Does it happen with you also? You are just sitting and suddenly you get visions of some people, things, nature etc. If it’s a clear vision and giving you strong gut feelings pray to angels that whatever they want to communicate through these visions give signs for clear guidance. You will soon see the results.

5) Human form: This is very powerful and general. This happens to a lot of people when they are thinking about something and suddenly their spouse, children or people in the workplace say something exactly what they are looking for. Many times it happens that answers or guidance you are trying find, you found the answers in books, social media etc. It generally happens to me when I read the book. Whenever you need answers to your problems just pray to Angels that they give signs through any medium. You just wait and raise your consciousness to receive it.

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Note: Claim your Free Online “Angel Introductory Program” available only for my subscriber. If you have not subscribed to my YouTube channel yet, Subscribe it now and avail the free online course.

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