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Hey everyone today I am going to share some signs through which Angels show their presence around you. If you get these signs immediately calm yourself and connect with them, they will protect and guide you no matter in which circumstances you are in!

1) Feathers – Getting feathers throughout the day is common but when it’s a sign of Angel’s presence you will get feathers at unusual place and time. For instance in your bathroom, bedroom or somewhere else which has a low probability. There might be chances that you get feathers after praying or after you have done your Angel healing. This is the first sign angels are showing you your presence and blessing you. Let’s move to other signs.

2) Clouds– Try to observe a clear sky when the clouds are attractive. When you have something in your mind just look up in the sky you will find the clouds in some shapes that will tell your answers or when you want to just get connected with nature and you want to know guidance from Angels then also you will find Cloud gazing useful.

3) Dreams – I have also told this earlier that if you just pray to Angels for giving you answers and guidance before going to bed, in sleep you will have vivid dreams. You will catch the message; you will experience Angel’s presence. Try to make this a daily routine. Next day you will find how accurate this works. Try and experience these little magic in your life.

4) Bell/Phone ring– This is very interesting, Just be aware and observe at times when you become stress and anxious between two options, or on some important decision, whether you should do something or not. Suddenly if the bell rings it’s a yes from Angels.
Sometimes it can be in human form. When you stressing over something or want advice someone will show up and will say the same thing which will solve your purpose or will give you an idea. That might be your spouse, children, colleague or even stranger. Angel will show their presence anyhow, it might be through books, humans, phone, etc.

5) Sensations and Visions – It might happen that you suddenly feel warm, safe, excited, you get goosebumps, extremely happy and positive, you may have clear and vivid showing their presence that you are safe and guided.

Children and animals have better connectivity with angels because of pure hearts and thoughts. As we age we lose this capability because of the high functioning of the logical mind. We miss the magic of life by being extremely critical and logical, it’s time to establish the relationship with Some pure source of energy. Angels carry high positive energy to transform your life. If you have any doubt you can watch the full video.

Note: Claim your Free Online “Angel Introductory Program” available only for my subscriber. If you have not subscribed to my YouTube channel yet, Subscribe it now and visions of light, nature or something beautiful. Some people see a white light when they close eyes, these are guardian angels light. You may experience other colours as well. Angels are avail the free online course.

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