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    • #1. How To Save Family From Negative Energies?
    • #2. 5 Things You Can Do To Ask Archangel Michael For Protection
    • #3. Case Study: How Raksha’s relations with her father got better with Angels’ help?

In such a challenging life, it is important to have protection. Protection from negative energies and negative thoughts is crucial for all of us. A person with negative thoughts can never succeed in his life. Moreover, such people cannot bring happiness to themselves and others. Negative energy always attracts things like depression, lack of money, and failure in a person’s life. Above all, relationships get affected, and even the close ones start maintaining distance. Nor negative energy neither negative thoughts can bring good fortune or goodness to you. Many times those who show concern turn out to be the biggest enemy. You can easily identify the signs of negative energy in a person.

1. How To Save Family From Negative Energies?

Many people approach me to find answers for how to remove negative energy from home and how to save the family from negative energies. They share how negative energies have disturbed them and affecting their relationships. They come to look for ways through which they can eliminate negative energies from their home.

Negative energies can be removed from the house with the help of Angels. They can provide protection to you and your family. Angels are those powerful energies that always keep us safe and happy in our lives. Invoking Archangels for protection is the best way to stay protected from negative energies and negative thoughts.

2. 5 Things You Can Do To Ask Archangel Michael For Protection

If you want to give protection to your family, assets, house, work, and yourself, then you need to invoke Archangel Michael, and for that, you need to do the following:

1. Create An Alter At Your Home – You need to create an alter at your home where you need to keep a picture of Archangel Michael. You need to write a letter of your wish and keep it in from of Archangel Michael. Write the letter in a proper way, which has was mentioned earlier. You can check out the video if you don’t know how to do it.

2. Use Indigo Color In Your House – Adding more indigo and blue color to your house is good if you want to protect your house from negative energy. Try to enhance these colors and give way for positivity to enter your house.

3. Smudge Your House – Smudging is very important for your house if you want to protect your house from negative energies. Smudge your house at frequent intervals to remove negative energy. You can check out videos to know how to do it.

4. Take A Dark Blue Candle And Light It With Essential Oils– You need to take a dark blue candle and light it with essential oils. After this, you need to pray to Archangel Michael. Write the names of all those for whom you want protection and visualize that your house and loved ones are secured. Doing this will bring a lot of positive energy and protection to your house.

5. Ask Archangel For Protection Before You Sleep– Before sleeping, pray Archangel Michael to stay at the gate of your house and protect your house. Doing this will help you to stay protected. Also, the best day to do the rituals of Archangel Michael is Tuesday. So, try to do all the rituals on Tuesday.

You can invoke Archangel Michael if you think the one whom you trust a lot can be your biggest enemy or cause you harm. Besides this, you must meditate to remove negative energy. Try to connect more to understand what Angels are trying to say.Angels are there to help you so, don’t forget to invoke them and ask for help.

Stay protected!

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3. Case Study: How has Sapna been able to overcome issues in her life with the help of Angels?

Meet Raksha Murlidhar Sapdhare, who is 22 years old, based out in Maharashtra. She is a medical student pursuing BHMS. She had lots of negative thoughts and was unable to overcome them. She did not have a good relationship with her father, and she was less involved in her house. Moreover, the environment of her house was not good and she had fear for everything. Her father used to drink and do violence at home. There was a financial breakdown and she was worried whether she would be able to do the course or not.

However, she felt the need to communicate with Angels so that she can overcome her fear and negative thoughts. Also, she wanted to improve the environment of her house, which was getting worse.

As a result, she sought help from the Angels and realized that her life was going through a positive transformation. Her relationship improved with her father. All of a sudden, she was able to get money for her course, which was one of her wishes.

Read the full story to know more about how Raksha started her journey with Angels, was able to cure the pain of her father with the help of Angels, improve her relations with her father, got coins, helped her cousin in getting a new job, overcame negative thoughts and fear, and transformed herself.

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