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  • #1. Negative thoughts is the root cause of every Problem
  • #2. 5 ways that will help you to increase your connection with your Guardian Angels
  • #3. Case Study : How Gunjan get her job promotion with hike of 40% during Covid period with the help of Angels

1. Negative thoughts is the root cause of every Problem

Are you suffering from Negative thoughts and create Negative Energies?  Is your Logic mind stopping you in implementing so many positive things in your life?

I have personally seen that your negative thoughts creates lots of negative energy pattern like future uncertainties like What happen next, what if I am unable to compete the exams, what if I will not get married, what if my husband and children doesn’t support me, what if I am not getting job, what if my property has not been sold.

Because of these negative thoughts people get manifest lot of negative pattern like lack of confidence, lack of self worthiness, so many self doubts like am I able to do it and many times create the pattern of loneliness also. Many times I have seen they create the pattern of fear of being successful like what happen if the result will not come, what people think about me, no one understands me.

Do you know that our aura is completely depleted when we are indulged in our negative thoughts. As per the quantum physics we all are energy and our negative thoughts plays a vital role in creating negative energies and manifesting most of our psychosomatic diseases. Worry is the by product of negative thoughts. Worrying over and over about what my husband / boss will say if I have not done this work on time, what will happen if I will not get job, what if my children will not get good marks, what if my husband has extramarital affair, what if after becoming healer, I will not able to heal other, what if my husband divorce me, what if my husband don’t like my food or every time thinking about the consequences of the problem

Let me share the solution to all your worries. Surrender your negative thoughts to your Guardian Angels. As already I have explained in most of my videos on Youtube and my other blogs that we all have at least 2 Guardian Angels with us since our birth on this planet, many people think their ceased ancestors are their Guardian Angels. No! They are Spirit Guides.

2. 5 ways that will help you to increase your connection with your Guardian Angels

Here are the 5 ways that will help you to increase the connection with Angels:

i) Shielding: It means to ask help from your guardian angels to take protection from the negative surrounding. When you stay away from the negative people and things your high energy get easily connected with angels.

ii) Clearing: This means to clear the negative energy you have accumulated throughout the day by invoking your guardian angels. By living in clear and positive energy your connection with Angels improve.

iii) Avoid tendency: Many time people ignore their instincts, intuitions and gut feelings. If it’s strong please honour it. You are getting the messages from Angels and by ignoring them you cut your connections with your guardian angels.

iv) Trust Yourself: Even in my logo, there is a symbol of trust yourself. Trust yourself that guardian angels are there for your protection from negative thoughts and wellbeing.

v) No logic: Logic kills the magic. When your left brain (logical) works excessively it disturbs the working of your right brain (intuitive and emotional). Some things just need to be experienced without excessive questions.

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3. Case Study : How Gunjan get her job promotion with hike of 40% during Covid period with the help of Angels

Meet Gunjan based out of Delhi, 32 years old searching for a job promotion since long. She wanted to get a job but even after so many efforts she was not getting the job promotion.

However, she realized that she is very negative because of her past painful failures. She has conditioned herself in such a manner that her subconscious mind had trained to attract failures only with all the efforts she was doing. After watching my video on Youtube She realized that she needs Angel’s help for this job promotion manifestation. She whatsapp me at 9971400377 and She learnt the process and invoked Angels with due respect, love and from the bottom of her heart, did Angel meditation for getting job promotion and did Angel Healing too.

As a result, She got a 40% hike in her salary with a Senior post.

Many time people comes to me for their personal counselling session and have so many questions related to negative thoughts like how to remove negative thoughts, how to remove negative thoughts from mind, how to erase negative thoughts, how to erase negative thoughts from mind, how to overcome negative thoughts, how to overcome negative thinking, how to protect from negative thoughts, how to protect yourself from negative thoughts, how to protect your mind through negative thoughts, how to heal negative thoughts, how to heal from negative thinking, how to stop negative thoughts, how to stop negative thinking, how to stop negative overthinking, suffering from negative thoughts, why negative thoughts come in mind, Negative thoughts se kaise bache, negative thoughts ko kaise dur kare, negative thoughts kyu aate hai and etc. My answer is only surrender your negative thoughts to your Guardian Angels.

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