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It’s a beautiful experience when Angels start visiting your home. When your Home starts getting blessed by Angels you will see the doors of prosperity and abundance in each area of life opens. Today I will tell you 7 simple yet powerful ways to make your home attractive for Angels.

1)  Fragrances- Angels love fragrances, they get attracted to nice aromas. You can use diffuser or spray of rose, jasmine, sandalwood etc. There are a lot of essential oils available in the market.

2) Smudging– Smudging is a very easy and powerful way to eliminate negative energy from your space. It also clears unwanted microbial infections activity. A clean and healthy environment automatically attracts Angels. I have a full informative video on smudging if you don’t know how to do it when to do it, with what to do it and much more.

3) Crystals and stones – Crystals have their energy and radiation. Their pure energy resonates with Angels. Keeping good quality crystals or stones make the attraction point for Angels. For example, Amethyst is used for Archangel Michael, rose quarts for Archangel Ariel, or black tourmaline for removing negativity. There are numerous stones and crystals to choose from. You can buy them in any form of raw, accessories, showpieces etc. Crystals help in healing and energy charging.

4) Lights– Angels are in the form of bright illuminated lights. Their aura is full of radiance and shine. When you meditate you may have visions of lights. You can use different and attractive lighting in your home for inviting Angels.

5) Feathers– Angels love feathers, they have feathers. Different feathers have different meanings. People use them in the wish box for Angels blessings.

6) Angels statue – You can jeep angels statue in your home to make better connectivity with them. Angel statue brings positivity in your home. It helps in connecting with Angels emotionally better.

7) Prepare Alter– Just like the worship place, you can prepare a little Angel to alter at your home. Using the above things you can make alterations, you can also write an angel letter for better healing and manifestation. I have a video on how to write an angel letter, with step by step instructions. The best place to keep alter ha northeast but North or East will also work.

After practising these things regularly you will find continuous prosperity, money flow, harmony and health in your family. Just don’t break the cycle keep doing it, let the energy take place and be ready for miracles.

Note: Join your  Online “21 Days Angel Manifestation  Program” . If you have not subscribed to my YouTube channel yet, Subscribe it now

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