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Table Of Contents
    • #1. How Angels Help You To Remove Stress And Anxiety
    • #2. 8 Tips To Remove Stress And Anxiety With The Help Of Angels
    • #3. Case Study: How Debender Expanded His Business And Got Stuck Money With The Help Of Angels?

In today’s lifestyle, which is full of hustle-bustle, it becomes challenging to keep ourselves away from stress and depression. Failure in the profession or loss of job causes depression. Other things like the breaking of trust and or a failed relationship can also become a cause for depression and stress. Instead of looking for how to remove stress and anxiety, people end up inviting psychosomatic diseases. This further makes them feel a lack of confidence and self-worthiness.

#1. How Angels Help You To Remove Stress And Anxiety

People come to me in search of questions like how to relieve stress and anxiety. They share how stress and anxiety have changed their life and they feel unable to take action in their life. They reveal how they feel helpless and are not getting solutions to their problems. Also, they share how stress and depression are taking them towards psychosomatic diseases.

So, if you are looking for how to relieve stress and depression, you can take help from Angels. They are the ones that can help you to deal with your psychosomatic diseases and bring a positive change in your life. They always guide us in the right direction and anyone can ask for help from them.

#2. 8 Tips To Remove Stress And Anxiety With The Help Of Angels

8 Tips To Remove Stress And Anxiety With The Help Of Angels

If you are looking for an answer to how to deal with stress, then you can perform Angel meditation in the following way:

1. Imagine You Are Feeling The Nature – Think you are feeling nature. You are seeing the sun, water, birds, and mountain. The water is falling on you and relaxing you. Feel as if your body temperature is lowering. Feel the flow of water, which is crossing every obstacle.

2. Feel The Presence Of Other Creatures – Feel as if you are surrounded by greenery, sitting near the waterfall, and seeing that the sun is giving rays without any expectation or partiality. You are seeing that the wind is blowing equally for all living and non-living beings and trees giving oxygen without demanding anything.

3. Imagine The Chirping Of Birds – Imagine birds are flying without any fear of being killed by someone. Live in the present.

4. Feel The Connectivity With Nature – Feel that you are a part of this nature and have the same capability as others have. Remind yourself that you are a part of this nature and have the same capability. Irrespective of the challenges, you have the power to flow like water.

5. Feel Why You Are Getting Anxious Because Of Someone – Try to know why you are getting anxious because of someone else. See yourself to be resourceful and abundant. It’s your natural quality to achieve what you want.

6. Imagine Yourself Strong Like A Tree – Imagine yourself strong enough to stand and like water, which can fall beside big rocks.

7. Release All The Negativity – Try to listen to the waterfall and let your stress flow out of your mind. Feel the wind is taking away your negativity

8. Affirm I AM STRONG – Affirm that you are strong, healthy, and stable. Keep chanting these words. Take time to enjoy this new feeling. Irrespective of your circumstances, you need to think about your core nature, which is that you don’t get disturbed. Feel that your soul, mind, and body have released the stress.

Lastly, rub your hands and put them on your eyes. Take time to open your eyes.

Do Not Listen To The Meditation While Using A Machine- make sure you don’t have mobile phones or anything near you. Also, don’t listen to it while driving because it will distract you from the meditation.

Practice this meditation, get rid of all the stress and depression. Lastly, believe in Angels!

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3. Case Study: How Debender Expanded His Business And Got Stuck Money With The Help Of Angels?

Meet Mr. Debender who is a businessman. He was going through issues like lack of sleep, worry, and restlessness. Though there were not many issues in her life these things were bothering him a lot. He got into a few courses but nothing helped him out. He was looking for peace and guidance in his life. He wanted to make his life better but was unable to find a suitable way for that. However, he felt the need to communicate with Angels so that he can improve his personal and professional life. He wanted to get rid of unwanted thoughts and fears that were bothering me. All in all, he wanted to bring a significant change in his life so that he can lead a happy life.

As a result, he communicated with Angels and makes his life better than before. He successfully overcame all the negative patterns in his life. He developed all those qualities that Angels guided him. He expanded his business and got many clients. Also, he is able to get peace in his life, which he was seeking for many years. Today, he is leading a happy and satisfactory life.

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