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Hey everyone, today I am sharing another my personal experience of Angels when I was on my trip to Thailand. I have in Thailand and it happened that I have to go to another place there for Indian restaurant because the place I was staying has no Indian food. I was asking people how to reach Sukhumvit road (for Indian food). Everyone was suggesting different things someone saying go with taxi and give instructions like this and that. And the other problem was understanding their slang. I was so confused that I called for the Angels help after a few minutes I was searching for the way to go there and I saw a man coming near me, omg he was an Indian. I talked to him, shared my problem. He was so nice he instructed me the whole way, make me crossed the bridge from where I have to go, booked a tuk-tuk (local vehicle for me), negotiated for me and I reached at the place so hustle free. I gave him so much gratitude from my heart.

Angels do help in human form also, they are the best helpers. I had my food, I was so impressed by the dishes because it is difficult to find good authentic Indian food there. I requested to meet the chef because I wanted to appreciate his work. When he came his initial reaction was, ‘oh omg Nitin sir’. This was the best moment of my life that people know me even outside India for Angels and we did talk for some time. It was a great experience.

This is not the first time I was experiencing Angel blessings but I do always whenever I invoke them. Whenever you invoke Angels you get a sense that some Divine energy is present around you. Your daily life becomes an obstacle-free. Many Reiki healers also learn Angel healing because it enhances spiritual powers and gives better results of their Healing. Even I have seen the sceptical people ended up believing Angels after magical experiences.

Let me share the experience of my student. The husband and wife went to the beach and the spectacles of husband fell. He was so tensed because he couldn’t see anything. They were searching for it and he called Angels for help. After a few minutes he felt something is biting on his feet, he thought it was an insect or something. When he reached for it, it was his specs that were partially buried under the sand. My student was so happy while she was sharing this incident.

Angels need your faith and permission to help you, nothing else. If you have any query please free to contact me and watch the full video for detail information.

Note: Claim your Free Online “Angel Introductory Program” available only for my subscriber. If you have not subscribed to my YouTube channel yet, Subscribe it now and avail the free online course.

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