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Hey everyone, After so Many manifestation videos and blogs I wanted to share Angel prayer that will help you to manifest your wish. For that, you have to be aware of the different Archangels and their purposes. I have already shared in my videos and I have also designed a free introductory Angel course for my subscribers. 
Well let’s come to the topic, the main prosperity is given by our Guardian Angels, they are assigned for our wellbeing. So the basic step is to get connected to your Guardian Angels. How to do it? Already shared blogs and videos. You should be very clear what is your prior wish, the deep desire in your heart that you want to manifest it. We will do this manifestation process in many ways. 
1) Write the Angel letter, I have a detailed video on how to write it. Write your wish to your Guardian Angels and Archangels. Place it in your Altar. Daily burn a candle and pray. 
‘ Thankyou Angels for being always with me, I have ‘_____’ wish in my heart, I call upon your blessings to fulfill my pure intention. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
Do this process daily and when your wish gets manifested bury/burn the letter.
2) Use switch word and angel number on your left body part. 1176 and ‘DIVINE-MAGIC-BEGIN-NOW’, this combination is best for manifestation. You can use any colored pen except black. Write it daily or when it get fade away. You can write this number and Switch words on paper. Draw a big circle around and place your water bottle to receive the energy the whole day.
3) Visualisation will speed up the process, meditate after waking up and just before sleeping. You have to visualize your dreams turning into reality. Feel that you are living it is present, create the feeling as if you are living your wish in your reality. Visualize your Angels are blessing you, you are safe and enjoying your life. Doing this daily will help you to create the frequency of your manifestation.
4) Use positive affirmations and avoid the negative source of entertainment. Do not create contradictory energy of what you desire. Words, thoughts, emotions are Energy and you should channelize them in one direction. Keep yourself positive and happy. Happiness is the choice, there must be happiness while walking on the journey. 
These were a few steps that will help you to manifest your wish but you must take the right actions for it also. These rituals will clear the energy blockages with divine power and enhance mental clarity to perform actions. If you have any doubts feel free to contact me.

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