Scaling up the efficiency and profits of your organization demands the support of the people who are associated with your organization. These could be your employees, vendors and clients. I know you are aware of this phenomenon. However, what most people find challenging is how to manage people in a way that they are motivated to step out of their comfort zone and swing into action. The solution lies in gaining an insight into the cause that barricades your employees from being productive. So, let us learn about the possible reasons:

  • When their virtues and beliefs are challenged: Therefore, being a leader, you must ensure that the virtues and beliefs are not wrecked. A perfect example of such situations is when the organization rolls out some new policy without taking the consent of the employees, hence shattering their faith in the organization.
  • When they are maltreated: You ought to understand that every person has a frame of dignity that keeps them sheltered. When this self-esteem gets threatened, the person would retaliate to preserve the same. Therefore, you must ensure that you do not blemish someone’s self-respect.
  • When they are misinterpreted: There could be times when miscommunication might creep in. During such situations, if your corrective action is not aligned with the actual cause, your subordinates might perceive it as a threat and might display bitterness in their conduct. Hence, you need to gauge if your action is in sync with the problem.
  • When they are guilty conscious: There is a possibility that they might be evading since they have made a mistake and do not want to face you. During such situations, you must encourage your employees to admit their mistakes and also encourage them to sidestep such mistakes in the future.
  • They might be harboring some unwanted triggers: In NLP, this is called as anchoring. Such toxic triggers can drive them to the stage of unproductivity. There could be a possibility that they may dislike some situation or employee. Here, you need to take the lead and either remove the trigger or counsel the person and cruise them to a positive stage.

Therefore, if you aspire to be an impactful leader, you ought to address your employess in righteous manner. NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is an effective technique to learn the ropes of what is right. It empowers you to gain an understanding of acute patterns of the subconscious mind, identify the negative traits and replace them with positive ones.

With Lots of Gratitude!
Dr. Nitin Mohan Lal- The Absolute Mentor