When I interact with entrepreneurs, there are two questions that I have been asked most frequently.

  1. Is there any magic wand that can help me better understand my employees and clients?
  2. How can I inspire my employees to be productive to the optimum level?

To an entrepreneur, these two questions are a matter of paramount concern. Ideally, it is the employees that are the spine of any organization. Hence, what is more significant is to comprehend the reason why the employees are behaving in a specific way they do.

We also need to be mindful of the fact that they are not machines. They are beings with a versatile brain. This brain operates on the basis of experiences and infinite patterns. Besides, new experiences and interpretations keeping adding to this hard drive. Largely, this framework of interpretations is what drives them to a certain emotional state and triggers their behavior.

It is these interpretations that drive us to either in a resourceful/positive state or unresourceful/negative state. If the employees are in a resourceful/positive state, then it becomes a blessing for the organization. However, if most of the time, they are enveloped in an unresourceful/negative state, then it works the other way round. It becomes a threat for the organization and this is what the major area of concern is.

Therefore, as a leader, it is crucial that you identify the state they are in. If they are in a positive state, then you must admire and encourage them so that they form an impenetrable layer of the same state. Like the positive state, even the negative state is contagious. Hence, if you find that your employees are barb-wired with a negative state, you must barge in and help them navigate to a resourceful state. This can help them immensely to tap into their inner resources and become more productive with least distress.

In the beginning, I referred to a magic wand. So, the answer to the same is ‘yes there is a magic want’. During the earlier times, this used to be like a jigsaw puzzle but now this world is a witness to a brand-new approach to handle and inspire people with the most rewarding mind technology. It is called Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). Today, NLP has become a household name across the globe, especially for entrepreneurs. They are keen to learn this science to be more creative and cruise to their best state. Apart from healing your negative states, NLP can equip you to resolve your communication issue. It can transform you to set foot in your peak-performance state. It has been proven to the best roadmap to become a super-iconic accomplisher and entrepreneur.

With Lots of Gratitude!
Dr. Nitin Mohan Lal- The Absolute Mentor