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  • # 1. How Shalu started her journey with Angels?
  • # 2. How Shalu gets help from Angels in enhancing the price of her property?
  • # 3. How Shalu was able to increase the number of her clients with the help of Angels?
  • # 4. How Shalu cured her patient with hyper and hypothyroid and arthritis by seeking help from Angels?
  • # 5. How Angels helped Shalu in selling her products?
  • # 6. How did the Angels help Shalu’s son in choosing the right career with the help of Angels?
  • # 7. How Shalu overcame her lack of confidence with the help of Angels?
  • # 8. How Shalu realized positive changes in her health with the help of Angels?

Meet Mrs. Shalu based out of Rajasthan. She is 40 years old and running a business of wellness that is owned by her. She is a double M.A, M.Ed and had taught in the colleges as well. She knows how to do acupressure and reiki, which she learned from her father. Currently, she is after her marriage, life became upside down for her because everything was new to her. She even lost her first child in the ninth month and her in-laws did not care for her.

She gave up her job because her husband was not in the favor of private jobs. After that, she started her business, which deals in acupressure therapies, reiki, supplements, and related products. She invokes Angels before every work and feels protected. Today, she has overcome all her challenges and is leading a fit, happy and healthy life.


1. This is how I started my journey with Angels

I got to know about Angels from my husband as he has a curiosity to know about new things. We saw Nitin sir for the first time on Youtube in a help talk. During the pandemic, my husband downloaded the video of Mr. Nitin on a 14-day free course “How to Achieve Success in your Life”; in a pen drive and we saw it with our family. All of us enjoyed it a lot. The style of teaching of Nitin Sir is so impressive that I joined the Online Basic Angel Course also followed by a 9 Step Process.

My husband also believes in Angels and encourages me to learn more. Due to a shortage of time, he can’t do courses, but I guide him about Angels. My daughter has also completed a few Angel courses. These courses have changed my life and it feels like Angels are there for me always.

2. This is how the price of property has increased with the help of Angel healings

I was wishing to sell one of my properties, which was not happening for the past two years. I started healing that property and wanted to sell it for 55 lakh. After two months we got a buyer who was ready to give 65 lakh for it. Later, we got to know that the price of my property is expected to go around 1 crore due to the establishment of a medical college near to it. I am very grateful to my Angels.

3. My number of clients increased after applying the Angel business healing

I have been doing business for the past few years but was unable to find the right path for it. I wanted to expand my business and was looking for more scope but was unable to do so. I have started applying Angel healing from the moment when I learned about it. Since then, I have been getting tremendous results and the number of clients has risen from 5 to 13. Finally, I was able to see business growth with the help of Angels. Besides this, there had been three times growth in the revenue, which is not less than a miracle for me. Before meeting patients I invoke Angels, which has helped me to provide proper treatment to the clients and they are getting results from my treatment. I invoke Archangels, my Guardian Angel, and Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael as well, which are helping me a lot. I would suggest the same to others as well for getting new clients for your business.

4. I have been able to cure one of my patients with thyroid and arthritis

A few days back a patient came who has high thyroid, arthritis, and body pain. I was able to improve her thyroid level within ten days. I have been using switchwords for my patients that are proving beneficial for me as well as for my clients. Though I was worried about how I would be able to do it, I did it successfully with the help of Angels.

5. Angels helped my son in choosing the right path for his career

My son wanted to become an engineer and we supported him. When the boss of my husband got to know about this, he asked why we are letting our son in the engineering field when we are going to build a big setup of the wellness clinic. He called my son and did counselling for one hour. I felt as if an Angel had come and was speaking in the form of him. After that, my son decided to become a doctor and I contacted Nitin Sir as well for the same. I do the regular Angel healing for my son for his concentration and focus on his studies.

I didn’t expect my son would be able to pursue a medical stream because he was not focused on his studies. Today, he is studying for 17-18 hours, which is unbelievable for me. The entire credit goes to Angels only.

6. I have started selling my products with the help of Angels

Earlier, I used to buy products from other companies and used to sell them at a margin of Rs 100, but today, I am selling my health-related products, such as supplement foods. I have taken them to Amazon and am planning to go to Flipkart as well. Right now I am in partnership with someone to manufacture products, but soon we will be having a setup for manufacturing on our own. All the things got decided during the lockdown. This was not less than a dream coming true for me. Finally, I increased business growth. It could not be possible without the help of Angels.

7. Angels have helped me to boost my confidence and started driving

Lack of confidence was something that was never able to overcome even after six years of teaching in the college. I have worked at MLM, attended videos, had abroad tours as well, but still, I could not work on the lack of self-confidence. I used to feel anxious and was lacking self-confidence in a social situation.

Though I knew driving, I always had a fear that I would meet with an accident. Now, before driving, I invoke Archangels, Guardian Angel, and drive safely. I have been able to build confidence and started driving with the help of Angels. The Basic Angel course came as a solution to a lack of confidence.

8. I have seen positive changes in my health

Earlier I was required to pay a monthly visit to doctors due to cough and cold that used to cause infection in my body. I used to take care of myself by eating healthy things, avoiding market food, and did not have onion and garlic. Still, I used to get ill and rush to the doctor.

After healing with Angels, I found a miraculous change in my body and now I hardly get ill. After getting up in the morning, I give protection to my family. A few days back, I had a skin problem, but it healed by itself.

I would like to say that every woman needs to step out of their homes if they want to achieve something. Challenges are always there and will remain even if you are not doing anything. I would advise making your identity by accepting the challenges.

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