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Hello, friends here I am with a highly debatable topic. Does Law off attraction works? Does it exist? so here I will explain with facts. Law of attraction is always working like the law of gravity, rather you believe it not. Everything in this universe is nothing but energy. Yes! Humans also, every thought, emotion, the action is a vibration. It’s just what we desire or belief we start attracting it. It solely depends upon what frequency you are in. If you work with negative energy, negative things/situation and people will attract, even the existing situation will also start changing negatively and vice verse. Our thoughts and emotions change frequently because we don’t live in the present sense of moments. We are troubling our mind with the last memories or imagining future fears and vulnerability. we have to live in the present moment that’s the only way one can become successful. In an interview the famous cricketer Rohit Sharma said, ‘I only focus on what ball is coming and how can I hit it. I don’t think about the last matches or how can I play’.if we talk about the general situation, if you have to travel from one destination to other m, you remain focused on the journey, not the destination. You care about how you are driving, that you met an accident, what are the things going around, what precautions should I take etc. There is nothing bad in planning the future but you have to take actions in present for it. Only your present is the coming future.

Affirmations are the easiest way to bring your senses in present and change reality. Most of the people are affirming their fear, words have power. Words are energy. Just check yourself you say to your child study or you will fail, it’s night outside I hope my spouse/child didn’t meet with something wrong. Maximum time you attract negativity by your words and thoughts. People have fear in their relationship what if my spouse cheat on me, what if my spouse having an extramarital affair. These things go on in terms of money, health or other aspects. Change your thoughts, start affirming –
I am healthy
I feel energetic
Detach with your identity of being diabetic, asthmatic, miser, etc.
Affirming will start changing the pattern of my d with time, your words will shape your thoughts. Thought has a physical impact and this is scientifically proven.

It’s funny how people go to someone other and ask will it happen, will I do it? You ask these questions to a person who doesn’t even know about you, you know yourself for so long but didn’t coordinate with yourself. I also come up with this question in my counselling sessions but my motive is to work internally rather doing counselling on superficial levels. If you look closely you have resources or way to manage resources, the people who transform their lives are the one who is conscious about it. Spend time with yourself, understand yourself. Play in abundance.

In NLP technique, we learn how to be in the present moment and if we get distracted how to cone in awareness again gently.
Most of the people think only through visualisation people use the law of attraction, No! The brain needs an actual wavelength. You have to use your senses, try to smell, touch, taste and hear along with visual senses. It might be hard in the beginning but with the time brain will start producing results.

NLP helps in changing the experience of past painful memories to painless and also change the insecure future to a bright future.

Note: Claim your Free Online “Angel Introductory Program” available only for my subscriber. If you have not subscribed to my YouTube channel yet, Subscribe it now and avail the free online course.

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