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Everyone wish to have a good successful business where they get good clientage in terms of relationship and money. But this does not happen always sometimes the situation becomes more struggling and you get really less clientage or more fraud clients. So today, I am going to share with you how you can attract client and the genuine ones to grow your business.

Archangel Ariel is the best suited for this purpose, she gives you stability in terms of money and shelter. If you haven’t done Angel course you can simply call her for help, you will get assistance. If you need proper healing, the right way of invoking and other procedure must be follow. All Archangels have their own purposes so must be clear whom to invoke or when to invoke.

Switch words also works great with Angels energy. Switch words are introduced by JAMES T MANGAN by understanding the power of words. Switch phrase for growing business can really help you, chant maximum times you can do. Switch phrases are made by adding different switch words for increasing its energy.


As k said words have their energy, I have noticed people have really bad affirmations for their situation which is not already going it. Affirming negatively again and again assures your subconscious mind that this situation is not right neither it has potential to improve.

‘i don’t have good business, clients are coming to me, the stock is not selling off’ again and again. Stop it.

Instead switch your affirmations,’ my stock will end up selling soon, I attract only genuine clients, my business is running so good etc.’ your brain will start attracting this situation soon.

Words don’t limit to words only, they create feelings also. Even if you are working with Angels you must be aware of prayer, help and affirmations you are doing along with it. When you start affirming right ans positive your feelings will also enhance and thoughts/emotions have their own magnetic field. Similarly like when you talk negatively about your situation and get more depressed, you can become more happy by talking positively.

In NLP techniques we change the pattern on how neurons talk inside you. The basic thing from which you can change the pattern is visualisation. When you deeply visualise something with sounds, smell and touches it’s become so intense and get manifest soon. Your brain don’t distinguish between reality and imagination.

It works in a series, prayer and blessings have highest frequency, follow up by how you are feeling your magnetic field changes. Doing visualisation impacts your thoughts and emotions and help you to remain in positive state for longer. Visualization meditation can be done anytime but for best results you should do it before sleeping and after after waking up.Try these tips and experience yourself. Your action taking becomes good in positive state.

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Note: Claim your Free Online “Angel Introductory Program” available only for my subscriber. If you have not subscribed to my YouTube channel yet, Subscribe it now and avail the free online course.

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