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Hello friends, today I am sharing some Angel numbers through which you can attract money. If you are facing any kind of issue related to money like debts, blocked, low income, problems in business earnings etc. , these numbers can help you. A number have their own energy, it’spure science.

The first Angel Number is 808

Let’s know about it how it works. The number is 8 is itself the symbol infinity, it shows power, abundance and authority, 0 represents newness, a new beginning, new energy, 0 is an energy amplifier and then again 8. 808 have five 0’s if you see carefully, 2 in each 8 and one separate 0. This is a very powerful combination, it doubles the power of number. 808 represents beginning with an abundance. This number can heal your financial losses, helps in breaking limiting beliefs related to money.

Another Angel number is 520, let’s interpret it also.

520- 5 contain the energy of courage, change, freedom, independence, 2 represents duality and balance and again 0 contains universal energy. 520 brings financial inflow and financial freedom. You will start getting new ideas and opportunities.

Always remember 808 and 520 are very strong numbers use for improving financial health.
If you see these numbers it’s a really good sign, it means the time has come to take action to gain financial abundance.


You have to write them in your left body part, anywhere arm, wrist, leg, thigh but left body part with blue/green colour pen/marker or anything. You have to write to them daily until you get the results.

You can use them by writing on your water bottle, every time you drink water, you will drink the energy of numbers.

You can use red/green colour paper and write these numbers, as red is the colour of manifestation, green colour shows growth and put water bottles/container on it to get charged by energy.

Or you can fold in and out in your pocket/wallet or place where you keep your money.

Use a space between these two numbers. Action taking is always important but with the right energy, the outcome becomes easy and better to achieve.

Feel free to contact for any query or questions. You can watch the full video for detailed information.

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