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Hey everyone today I have come with the topic of absolute detachment. I have been talking about Manifestations for some time now and it’s time for educating about a new aspect of Manifestation. I want to tell a line from my book ‘Power of Affirmations‘ Detachment is a very necessary ingredient of Manifestation. But there are a lot of things that decide the outcome of the Manifestation process. People often become desperate and create blockages for themselves. Detachment doesn’t mean to get detached from the desperation of the outcome, negative thoughts, and emotions. Your work is to take actions at whatever level it is possible, mental, physical, emotional, or at what level possible. Attachment from past painful memories and failures can hinder your action taking capabilities. 
For example, you want to manifest money but you have a bad memory of loss like you invested your money in the stock market and you suffered a loss. Next time, when you will try to take new actions you experience fears. 
Universal energies get disturbed and don’t work for you when you create blockages. To clear past feelings, NLP works good but in my personal experience NLP with Angel, Healings have brought miraculous results. The Law of attraction works for you with cosmic divine energies (Angels). Years ago when I used to do the job, I had some limiting beliefs which failed me in attracting money. When I got aware of how things work I cleared my blockages and did Angel healing. In recent years I have Manifested 2 lakhs and then 20 lakhs. People are becoming more logical and losing sense of experiences of the right brain. He humans are vibrations and so the everything in this universe. Our desire is also vibrating at some frequency, when we start resonating with similar frequencies, we start attracting the things. Good or bad as per frequencies. Angels are high-frequency cosmic energy, I have shared many examples of mine and my students on youtube. If you don’t know who are Angels and how they work, you can join my free introductory Angel workshop. The link is given in the description box.

Note: Join your  Online “21 Days Angel Manifestation  Program” . If you have not subscribed to my YouTube channel yet, Subscribe it now 

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