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Hello everyone today we are going to learn about new facts related to Angels. Sometimes, people think Angels are not responding to their prayers but most of the time they are unable to connect with them to listen to their messages. In this video, I have discussed 5 ways to open yourself for receiving Angels guidance.

1) Deep Breathing– Breathing exercises accelerate our high vibrations and make our brain in the frequency of receiving divine guidance and messages. You don’t have to do much, just find a calm place to inhale and exhale mindfully so that oxygen can enter into your every cell to do its work. Doing this practice continuously you will notice the result soon.

2) Nature – Reconnecting to nature can be a good treat and one of the best way to open yourself for Angels. Forest or mountains just have those vibes, do hiking, tracking because Angels live to reside in the natural environment. Also, nature has already high frequency.

3) Water Sources– Near water sources the mild presence of natural music can a be the good source of getting Angel messages. You may have visited seashores, beaches, lakes etc but for entertainment, this time they connect to nature.

4) Fresh Air– Again the air has a vital role in our body for activation of receiving divine guidelines. If you are obliged to stay in an area where your house doesn’t allow to get fresh air or sunlight, at least take 15-30 minutes for walking, meditating in parks or area near you which supports a healthy environment. I will recommend do this in the early morning at the time of sunrise.

5) Clairaudient- The ability to hear supernatural voices/noises that generally people can’t hear is called clairaudience. Some people are blessed with this natural ability and they are born clairaudient. But it can be also developed easily by practising.

One of my students is clairaudient that she can immediately sense the Angel voices. Even during talking or doing other activities.Another student of mine faced an incident where he was travelling with his family and suddenly he felt a strong intuition as if someone has said to in is ears. He immediately came out of the car with his family after a few seconds one of the tires exploded badly. He told me this incident while giving gratitude To Angels.

When you connect with Angels experiences become your reality. You can watch the full video for clarity. Feel free to contact if you have any doubt or query. Thank you!!

Note: Claim your Free Online “Angel Introductory Program” available only for my subscriber. If you have not subscribed to my YouTube channel yet, Subscribe it now and visions of light, nature or something beautiful. Some people see a white light when they close eyes, these are guardian angels light. You may experience other colours as well. Angels are avail the free online course.

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