Hello friends, many of you might be facing some issues in connecting with Angels. Here I am giving some tips and facts to improve your connections with Angels.

We must acknowledge our strong gut feelings and instincts. I am sure at some point of time you have also experienced it as if someone is gazing you or touching you but when you look behind; you find no one. Sometimes we get sudden goose bumps, chills and other sensations for no reason. They are indications of angels, try to understand them. Let me share one of my personal experiences with you, I misplaced my wallet and searched it for every corner of my house. My instincts were continuously pointing me to check out my drawer even after I have checked it for 2-3 times. But I honoured my feelings and checked the drawer again, to my surprise my wallet was there! Because of the similar colour of the drawer, it integrated with my wallet so much that I couldn’t figured it out at first. when you have good connectivity with angels inner guidance and instincts become normal. These sensations and intuitions show the presence of guardian angels around you.

Those who have natural sharp intuition sense are called clairsentient and the ability called clairsentience. This ability can also be developed by practice that helps in connecting with Angels. One of my students is so clear clairsentient that she immediately recognises Angel’s presence around her. Even she is talking to me or someone else, she gets to know that her guardian angels have shown up.

We all have two guardian angels from birth, many people think their ceased ancestors to be Angels. No! They are spirit guides. Guardian Angels remain with us since the time we are born till we die.

Here are the 5 ways that will help you to increase the connection with Angels:

1) Shielding: It means to ask for your protection from your guardian angels from the negative surrounding. When you stay away from the negative people and things your high energy get easily connected with angels.

2) Clearing: This means to clear the negative energy you have accumulated throughout the day by invoking your guardian angels. By living in clear and positive energy your connection with Angels improve.

3) Avoid tendency: Many time people ignore their instincts, intuitions and gut feelings. If it’s strong please honour it. It’s messages from Angels and by ignoring them you cut your connections with your guardian angels.

4) Trust yourself: Even in my logo, there is a symbol of trust yourself. Trust yourself that guardian angels are there for your protection and wellbeing.

5) No logic: Logic kills the magic. When your left brain (logical) works excessively it disturbs the working of your right brain (intuitive and emotional). Some things just need to be experienced without excessive questions.

If you want to know more kindly watch the full video and feel free to contact for any query or information about Angels.