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From one of the Angel topics, today I decided to share a particular Archangel, Archangel Michael. He is known best for protection. By taking the help of Archangel Michael you can protect your car, your assets, your office, home, family members, not only this but you can protect yourself emotionally, mentally and physically also. If you are facing the problem of loneliness, hurt because of separation, you are having difficulty in trusting people, you have been cheated or betrayed, you can not express yourself please take the help of Archangel Michael. He will safe you from negative thinking and negative surroundings (internal and external).

Let’s start with the procedure of how you can Invoke Archangel Michael or can Invite him to your home.
You have to prepare an altar, the best day for this is Tuesday, though you can do this any day. But the day of Archangel Michael is Tuesday.
You need a vibrant photo of Archangel Michael, Things that represent royal blue/indigo colour like stones, crystals, feathers etc. You can enhance these colours in your home also. The number of Archangel Michael is 777, you can use it as a healing code or place it in an altar. You have to write an Angel letter to him, I have shared a detailed video on how to write it, do it and place in your altar. Take a dark blue candle, put essential oil on it and burn it in alter. Now pray to Archangel Michael for protection of things you want. You can crave the names on the candle for which you want protection.

I have shared an interview with one of my students, where she used to sleep after taking the protection from Archangel Michael, one night she woke up like someone is pulling her from her neck and when she checked her main door of the house was open. She was saved from a big is happening. You can watch the full video for more experiences of that interview through the link under this video.

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Note: Claim your Free Online “Angel Introductory Program” available only for my subscriber. If you have not subscribed to my YouTube channel yet, Subscribe it now and avail the free online course.

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