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Hi everyone, here I am with another top on how you can raise your energy and vibrations. High vibrations help us to connect with God and of course Angels. The Affirmations and nature/surroundings play an important part in increasing vibrations. When your brain adapts to healthy conversation whether, with self or others, it releases positive hormones in the body and mind. Similarly, surrounding in mother nature can uplift your aura instantly.

When your vibrations rise, your Manifestation process becomes faster. Let me tell you an incident, one of my students shared this with me. She just recently learnt Angel course from me and she takes Angel protection for house, assets, family members and herself. She was with her husband in the kitchen, talking and spending time with each other and suddenly her gas pipe caught fire. They immediately cope up with that but the main unexpected part was, they have never spent time in the kitchen together. It was their first time, that incident may have taken disastrous shape if they weren’t available at the kitchen. She was so surprised that how Angels make situation when they want to save you. I have many incidents like this and I have many success stories on my youtube channel.

Not for others but I give all the credit to ANGELS for my success. I am an author and for this, I gave credit for Archangel Gabriel. The transformation of my life is the Manifestation of the blessings of Angels.

If you want to experience the magic you have to experiment. If you have deep wounds of separation, fraud, losses and failures; take help of Angels. If you don’t know the full process, just say ‘Angels I call for your help, bless me’. Angels never work against for freewill so make sure you invoke them. There are a whole mechanism and a proper process but if you don’t know that, this is will also help you to some extent. Angels make your life peaceful.

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