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Hey people, as everyone wants to manifest something or the other but fails to do so, I have come up with a new blog through which you can know why the law of attraction is not working for you even might be the case that it’s working against you.
You might be thinking that even after affirming, believing, and visualization why you are not getting the desired results, so here are the 5 mistakes you might be doing. Correct it!
1) You are calling short of understanding the signs universe wants to communicate with you and you are ignoring all the signs and guidance. For example, you are trying to manifest money and you are getting the guidance to start a business or invest somewhere else but keep sticking to your job only. Your thought process always asks contrary questions from the guidance like how can I arrange resources, what will happen, should I do it, what if I will fail, and so on. These questions create blockages in your way. if you keep creating blockages then there are higher chances that you manifest the opposite of what you want. Like demotion instead of a promotion.
2) When you try to become overly logical. You go to Mandir, Masjid, Church, Gurdwara, and other religious places to perform rituals and pray for your desires. Still, you have a doubt about how it will happen and other negative thoughts. It will not work like this rather this is disrespectful to God. God and Angels know your highest good. You become attached to the outcome and have your idea about it when you must get it, how you must get it etc. The outcome may not look good to you or as you demanded but it will be always in favor of you. Your work is to pray, surrender, and take action from your side. 
3)Let go of experience, Thoughts, pain, emotions, and expectations. Just focus on enjoying the journey. Just be loving, happy, and raise your vibrations. Everything is tuned to a specific vibration and frequency, if you tune into that frequency you will get it. Similarly like a radio, you press the button of a particular channel, signals catch the frequency and play only that channel you wished for.
4) When your desire is not truly yours, it will. not manifest. People have desires out of revenge, comparison, and desperation. You just need things to feel better than others, you won’t Manifest like this.  Better than him. You will create frustration like this and start Manifesting negative things in life.
5) AFFIRMATIONS, as I have said many times words have the power to manifest it. Talk about what you want rather than what you don’t want. 
If by default you are in the pattern of these mistakes, take the help from Angels, they are the powerful positive beings. If you don’t know about them I have a free introductory program of Angels. You can fill the form. Link is in the description box, for more information about this topic you can watch the video and feel free to contact me for any query.

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