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Hey people, here I am with another blog post. Recently I have been posting on the manifestation process, so I thought of making a separate video and blog on one of the main ingredients of manifestation; the belief system. The above lines were from my book power of affirmations and I will make it more simple for you people. It happens many times that we trust the intangibles very firmly, like God. But at the same time, we disapprove of ourselves to be enough capable of deserving big things in life. We believe invisible, untouchables but why we cannot believe ourselves like that. We are also the creations of God and contains those qualities to achieve what we want. I am not saying to believe it blindly but we can work for it, experiment with certain energies, experience the truth, and can firmly believe in it for our future betterment. Earlier I was in the same boat and I used to think earning 20 lakhs a month is an impossible thing for me. But I took some necessary actions and surrender to the universe when I say universe I mean Angels because I have strong experience of them. Angel’s healings are powerful and always give me results.
But you must understand is that no matter with which healing, Energy, or spiritual modality you work with until you don’t have surrendering and belief in it, it won’t give you results.
Not only this, even if you are getting treated by doctors you have to trust them, you have to believe in their procedure and medicines. Modern science is giving you facts that trust in the healing system works magically.
Generally poor or broken belief system developed because of past failures. Recycling them and resonating with them even in present crates blockages and these blockages hamper manifestations. It’s important to leave past experiences in past and vibrate at higher frequencies. For having high vibrating energies you can practice these 3 things.
1) Remove your past painful memories. I have already detailed videos on this on my youtube channel.
2) Remove past failures and repair your broken trust. The best way to this is live in the present and enjoy happiness. Happiness is a choice, it doesn’t depend on someone’s permission or achievement. Many people keep postponing it because of external reasons like if that person will change behavior only then I can be happy, if I got my promotion then I will be happy, I do this then only I will be happy. The external environment may create a certain stimulus to the emotions but we are creators of our emotions. We can choose to live happily.
3) Take help from Angels. As an Angelic channel, I can assure you they always help. If you don’t know who are Angels and how they work, well I have a free introductory program on Angels only for my subscribers.
For more information, you can watch the video and feel free to contact me for any query.

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