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Hey people, I have noticed many people have got their new chant ‘i don’t have time’. Do you also think so? Then this blog can be eye-opening for you. Anything you chant becomes reality, that’s why Chant divine mantras and spells. Chanting/affirming creates thoughts and feelings which attract reality as our thoughts and emotions carry a magnetic field.
And today no matter what is the job profile of a person the affirmation is the same that I don’t have time. A maid, job worker, businessmen, driver, entrepreneur even kids nowadays have the same affirmation. Let me tell you our Pm, most rich and successful persons have the same 24 hours, the only difference is most people don’t know how to manage their time.
There is a law of affirmation always working like the law of gravity. Ages ago, people were unaware of the law of gravity but it’s still there, we were unaware of it. Similarly, we have to get educated about the law of affirmation. We must understand affirmations makes us successful or a failure because it programs your belief system. Have you ever noticed people chant exactly the opposite of their needs? What they don’t want they show abundance in that and what they need, they chant scarcity of it. For example, I have so many diseases, I have a lot of stress, I have so many problems, or so on. But when you need money for good reasons or little effort in a relationship the affirmation becomes like, I don’t have money, I don’t get along with that person, I don’t have time for my hobbies and passion.  Words are Energy and modern science proves it now. Choose carefully.
I have my book the Power of affirmations after my first big success I write it. In this book, I have shared how you can change your life with correct affirmations when you speak or think something repeatedly it produces the same quality of energy and that energy will attract the same people/events. I am not saying to believe me, all I am saying is experiment and experience. Don’t make judgmental so soon. There is a lot in this world, you may not know everything but you can surely explore. If you are facing a struggle in changing affirmations or patterns you can take the help of Angels.
If you want to have more information on this topic you can watch the full video and feel free to contact me for any query or doubt.

Note: Join your  Online “21 Days Angel Manifestation  Program” . If you have not subscribed to my YouTube channel yet, Subscribe it now 

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