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Hey, friends today I am here to share how to manifest your desires into reality. I will be sharing this with my own experiences. Let me read the line from my book, ‘THE POWER OF AFFIRMATIONS’ – DESIRE IS THE MOTHER OF MANIFESTATION. People generally fear to desire big things in life. Until you set yourself free to feel worthy of getting things, your manifestation power will always below. I have manifested 2 lakhs rupees in a month when I was only earning 70,000/- per month. I have read the book of Joseph Murphy in which he tells that  You don’t have to overthink the things. How it will happen when it will happen. In this universe, we are all frequencies, and if we tune in the right frequency we complete our manifestations. The desire for something has one kind of frequency if we match that frequency it will become reality. I used to affirm daily for many times in a day, even in my meditation. ‘i am earning 2 lakhs per month’ and it happened. I started to get better deals and opportunities. In recent times, I have manifested 2 crore rupees.
You must be clear what you want and why you want. Many people just want things because of jealousy or competition. No! That’s not how it works. It should be your deep desire, you must emotionally connect it with yourself. Taking actions is also important but when you don’t feel belongingness it will anyhow to don’t manifest even after hard work. You will lead the meaningless life if you will not have any reason why you want to live it. Desired is part of life. 
You can manifest things better with the help of Angels, Angels are the form. of divine cosmic energy. If you don’t know who are Angels and how they work you can Videos in my channel, I have plenty of videos educating about Angels.
Let’s start with the first step, make a journal and according to your priorities list down your desires. It can be anything a camera, car, house, relationship, money anything. Just make priorities. Take needful actions whatever need; emotional, mental, physical. I hope you will get the results soon. 
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more information on this topic, you can watch the video.

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