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Hey everyone, I am here with the solution for the very common topic, especially for the youngsters. The pain after a break up is really hard to deal with but let is also important. Today I will be sharing some tips through which your self-healing will increase with the help of Angels.

First of all, you have to invoke Archangels
-Metatron for removing negative thoughts and emotions. Also to your time and to enter into a new dimension.
– Archangel Raphael- For healing your all emotional and mental pain.
– Archangel Gabriel – for strength to move on.

The second important thing is you have to balance your heart chakra. You can heal with any emotional issue when you balance it. Mantra for balancing and activating hurt chakra is ‘YAM’.

Third and very powerful, the usage of stones. You can use GREEN AVENTURINE, GREEN EMERALD, RHODONITE OR ROSE QUARTZ, you can use any of them. They are easily available. You can use these crystals in any form like raw, accessories, tree, show pieces. Use them for charging water and hold them during meditation. You

Now there are some rituals through which you can change your energy field and become positive.

1- Maintain a dairy and take 2-5 minutes before sleeping. It should be your last activity of the day before sleeping. Just relax and write down all the things from your heart, all that beautiful future you want to write it down with your feelings. Do this until you manifest it.

2- Full moon to new moon is a very important time where you release the energy you don’t want. Take a candle, bay leaf and a pen/marker.
Go in the moonlight, burn the candle, call Archangels, socially Archangel Michael for your protection then meditate for 5 minutes. Write down everything on bay leaf that you want to release like your hurt, anger, failures, struggles etc, you can write in 2-3 words but with clear intentions. Burn that leaf in the candle, see the smoke carrying your pain and leaving from your life.

3- New moon to Full moon- Again the process is same, take a candle, baby leaf and pen. But this time you will set intentions what you want. Grace, beauty, money, success, love etc. And do the same process. Meditate, write and burn the leaf with the intention this smoke is bringing you all what you want.

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