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Hey guys, I am back with another topic of manifestation. Some viewer asked me how we can multiply money, today I am sharing how you can multiply your money. We earn money, we spend it or save it/deposit in the bank. Many few people invest it in the right direction but most importantly very few people know that our thoughts and vibration multiply the money. There are some universal laws like the law of attraction, the law of affirmations, the law of gratitude, the law of feelings, the law of karma and much more. Maximum people are doing wrong or the opposite of what is needed to be done and except the desired outcome, that’s not going to happen; Alignment is important. I have written everything about money in my book, ATTRACT THE MONEY LIKE A SUPER MAGNET. I have my personal experiences where I become 0 to successful. From earning 8000/- rupees to deal in crores become normal. I also used to complain and curse my destiny for giving me such experience till 2007 but when I connected to Angels things got to me. I learned how energy is working and what we have to do to get aligned. If you will follow my basic blueprints you achieve success soon because you will get save by unnecessary hit and trial methods. So let me share some tips, in short,t, you need to do to become a money magnet.
1) Be in the celebration. You need to be happy, have a sense of celebration to access to sense if achievement. If accomplish your desire target (20,000/-, 50,000, or anything) just celebrate it. Do little donations, share it with your family or whatever you want to do. Your brain must feel it, then only new opportunities of the same frequency will show up. You will see your brain will get programmes soon when you do this and attract people and event for the same. If you just keep yourself in the rat race you will die without enjoying your hard-earned money.
2) Play in abundance, feel what you want is also looking for you. I attracted 20lakhs with the same process. I will share it soon. I firmly believe and also experienced if you want something you need to drop your desperation rather claim it, feel you already have it, you deserve it. Create a belongingness. The more you get desperate the more you create the energy of lack. When you just claim it and become patient and take the right actions, you Manifest the things much faster.
3) Give gratitude, that’s the simplest and most powerful thing you can do to attract what you want, even your money. Give your job, business and earnings blessings and gratitude. Some people have become like this no matter what they earn 15000/- 50000/- or a million; they don’t give gratitude. Rather they always complain about their bills and expenditures ignoring the fact that they are capable to pay these bills that’s why they are generating this. Just give gratitude that you can support others too, be happy and positive.
Many people take classes on how to become rich, how to invest money, how to do this and that. But still, if you have negative and limiting beliefs about money no matter how much you earn money will get repel from you. Subconscious programming of your mind is most important, the successful persons in this world are successful.
Take the help from Angels, this is my personal experience. I have done Angel Healings for myself and still getting excellent results.

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