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Hey everyone, today I am sharing something which can be relatable to maximum people. Mental trauma, depression and other illnesses. Mental trauma is far more intense than the depression and based on past experiences in general. Though it can happen in past or future because of uncertainty, insecurities. And major unexpected events/shock. In general, it occurs because of unhealed wounds of loss, betrayal, childhood violence, bullying or accident.

The point is no matter has happened we need healing, we need to move on in life for better experiences and using our potential. With the help of the Angels, it is possible. Healing with Angels gives better and faster results.

Angels will help in this case by the following assistance

1) They will create a feeling of acceptance so that you can finally come out from. the feeling of denial and move in life. Accepting things help in letting go.

2) They clear the chain of negative thoughts and emotions. People get in the state of guilt, shame, shock because of certain events. It helps in getting mental stability.

3) Angels help in providing ease in mind and body. Trauma come along with various disorders, Angels help in deep healing. They can cure your insomnia, body aches, panic attacks, anxiety and other psychometric diseases.

4) Angels help you in giving protection and security. Separation, single parenting, unmarried life (when you need a partner) causes the feeling of loneliness. The isolation leads to unexpressed feelings, when you get connected to Angels you can share your feelings and thoughts. Plus, just by calling them you will feel and protected. Angels also provide you with the new and positive surrounding. They will make sure you get in a healthy social circle that can uplift you.

5) Angels gives you rewards, new opportunities, healing if past pain and power to manifest a better future. You can completely change the past experiences and move ahead in life whole attracting the highest good for yourself.

There are some stones that you can use in this case like Moonstone
Jasper, Amethyst and Black obsidian for releasing negativity and getting protected. You can also charge water with these stones and crystals, you can use them in any form.

Switch words are a powerful tool to work on the subconscious mind, chanting RELEASE can help you.

You can put Angel pictures on a mobile screen or your wall. You can stick Angel prayer poster, Do Angel meditation and much more.

These things are not for the topic of belief or non-belief. They don’t do badly for you, you just do and experience yourself. There is nothing to get hurt, it’s a win-win situation. Just have faith and become available for grace.

Let me share a case study with you, I have a taken a case for counselling of women, where she didn’t want to get divorced but her husband wants separation. She always used to think about what I will do without him, how will I live without him and all. These thoughts made the mental state of that lady so worse that cannot be described in particular words. After applying Angel healing, she started feeling her worth and started seeking for opportunities in her life. Angels do work miraculously if you allow space for their work.

I have many informative videos on my channel about Angels if you want any more information regarding today’s topic you can see the full video. Feel free to contact if you have any query.

Note: Claim your Free Online “Angel Introductory Program” available only for my subscriber. If you have not subscribed to my YouTube channel yet, Subscribe it now and avail the free online course.

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