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In this video, I have shared how Angels can help you in avoiding the situations of separation with your partner. Angels work wonderfully in reconnecting and mending the relationships.

Understand the fact that problems don’t exist in relationships, they exist in your mind. How you think and feel about the person, that will show up in your relationship. Let’s talk about the things you should not do and things you should do to improve the quality of your relationship.

Things you should not do:

1) Do not share the negativity of your relationship with others. Talking bad again and again about your partner or relationship creates the pattern of negative affirmation. Negative affirmations will bring more negative outcome.

2) Do not play the blame game. When you only blame, you create conflict and hatred in your mind. The more these emotions will emerge the more your relationship will suffer; as emotions start manifesting in real situations after 3-6 months. Relationships are all about taking self responsibly.

3) Do not compare your partner with yourself or with anyone else. Everyone has different thoughts, emotions, opinion, choices, behaviour and many other patterns. Everyone has their right or wrong as per their perception.

The rhythmic flow of a relationship starts ruining in two stages:

1) Relationship has started becoming conflicted

2) Relationships is broken or there is a situation of separation.

In the first case, where the struggle is started and has not become worse; you will invoke Archangel Raguel. Archangel Raguel will create more understanding and acceptability in you. You will again start finding the interest in your partner, your clutter will be cleared and you will start appreciating your partner.

Although you must give gratitude to your relationship and partner so that the energy of the relationship will turn positive.

Next, if you are facing the situation of separation and you don’t want it to happen. Here are the 5 things you can do to save your relationship.

1) When you don’t have clarity on why your partner’s behaviour is changed in so unexpected way you can gain clarity through Angel card reading or Tarot card reading. Both are good at knowing hidden facts and truth.

2) Use rose quartz in any form accessories, raw, tumbles or trees. It opens the energies of love and heals the heart chakra.

3) Charge your water with rose quartz, drink it and if possible make it drink to your partner also.

4) Do smudging of your house daily. It will cut the negative energies and will charge the aura with positivity. Do smudging with rose or rose fragrances.

5) Do Angel healing with, Archangel

– Chamuel

– Raguel

– Raziel

It will help you and your partner in clearing negative thoughts and emotions. Will bring lost love and create understanding and acceptance between you and your partner.

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