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Hey everyone, After telling you to take protection from the  Guardian Angels, today we will learn how can we take protection from the Archangels. Archangels are the Angels of higher rank, they are 7 ft. Tall and have great powers of God. There are main 15 Archangels and they all have different purposes. First, we will learn how can we take protection and at the end I will be listing the different purposes of different Archangels. They don’t intervene without your permission or free will.
1) Establish a good relationship with them. Take some time to meditate, talk with them, visualize them. It’s a wonderful experience.
2) You must have a clear picture of them by heart. You must know how they look and what they do.
3) You can talk to them through visualization, mind, verbal, or Clair senses.
4) Create the altar to invite Angels into your life. No matter which religion you follow, a little Angel Altar can be created in your Home.
How to create an altar? 
You need to choose east, north, or north-east (best) Direction.
Take the Archangels photos, some feathers, decorate it with lights and flowers. You can put Angel’s letter there for healing, Manifestation, or for establishing a general relationship. You must burn one candle and pray to them daily.
How you can take protection from Archangel? 
Well, there are several ways of doing it. It also depends on what purpose you are asking. Generally, Archangel Michael is invoked for protection purposes. If you are inside your home, take a few minutes. Close your eyes and by verbal/visual senses invoke Archangel Michael. Oh, Archangel Michael, I call for your protection to shield ‘_______’ (yourself, your loved ones, your house or office, car, assets, emotions, etc, or even all things at a time). Thank you, Thank you, thank you. See Archangel Michael shielding you with its vibrant violet light or anything you wished for. All Archangels have their different lights so please be specific.
Many of my students have shared their magical experiences (also shared on youtube), they took protection from Archangel Michael overnight and they were saved from so many terrible incidents. If you are starting any new project, or you are on your way, whenever you feel insecure just take few seconds and invoke Archangel Michael. You will see the results.
But besides taking the help you must work on establishing relationships with Archangels. They give you signs and guidance of being present around you. Here are the other purposes of Archangels.
1) ARCHANGEL MICHAEL – Gives you courage, protection, and confidence.
2) ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL – Helps in finding a soulmate and helps in healing (emotionally, mentally, physically, financially, spiritually, and every aspect.)
3) ARCHANGEL GABRIEL – Gives you strength and helps in your career/job.
4) ARCHANGEL URIEL- Helps in creativity and mind clarity.
5) ARCHANGEL ARIEL- Gives financial assistance and stability.
6) ARCHANGEL HANIEL – Balances feminine energy and grace.
7) ARCHANGEL JOPHIEL – Helps in increasing beauty and joy.
8) ARCHANGEL RAZIEL – Helps in guiding and revealing secrets.
9) ARCHANGEL AZRAEL – Helps in dealing with the pain of death, separation, and responsible for a new beginning.
10) ARCHANGEL METATRON – Responsible for creating new Dimensions, Opens the Door of mysticism, has a 5D matrix.
11) ARCHANGEL ZADKIEL – Helps in justice and mercy.
12) ARCHANGEL RAGUEL – Brings harmony in relationships.
13) ARCHANGEL CHAMUEL- Restor and brings lost things.
14) ARCHANGEL SANDALPHON -. Brings the musical rhythm of life and victory.
15) ARCHANGEL JEREMIE – Helps in living the present moment by removing the blockages.
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