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Hello everyone, today I am sharing how you can connect with your Guardian Angels and keep yourself protected. Since the time we are born, we get 2 Guardian Angels. Guardian Angels are assigned by the God for our wellbeing, guidance and protection. Just like our parents but in more mystical way.

One Guardian Angel is soft and other is bold, both works in our favor. One keeps you protected in your comfort zone and other do things to break your boundaries to grow. Your mother and father can be your Angels also. It’s really important for us to connect with our Guardian Angels so that we can take the protection and receive necessary guidance. Here are the 3 ways you can connect with your Guardian Angels so that this divine relationship will always protect and guide you.

1) PRAYER AND MEDITATION- Just take few minutes of the day, sit in silence, and be in devotion. Devotion for the cosmic energy supporting your life, availing you with resources. Pray to them, give gratitude, and share the deep grooves with them. Say your feelings to them and be aware of the answers. I have videos on how Angels respond to our prayers and their sign of communication.

2) WALK WITH THEM – It means if you are doing some work, traveling or doing whatever. Take out a few seconds, invoke them. Imagine a white bright light surrounding you. Whatever you are doing you will get signals if you will face any problem or challenge, or guidance for that work, an idea, or if you mistakenly put yourself in trouble they will arrange the situations that you will get out of the mess. So always take a protection shield fr your Guardian Angels. You can always ask them to charge your food and water so that it will heal your body and give you divine health.

3) LETTER WRITING- I have shared letter writing to Angels on youtube and as well on blogs, you have to write your issue for what you want protection. Spend time and write your deep heartedly things in it.

When you will start establishing your relationship with Angels, you will see you will get signals or alarms before getting into the troubles. Your wisdom will blossom and your life will become wellbeing oriented. Your Guardian Angels want to be with you, it’s upto you how you make the connection to them.

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