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Hello friends, as we all know Visualisation is a very important ingredient for Manifestation, I will take about it in today’s blog. 
Let me share the experience with you when years ago I was doing the job at a very minimum salary someone suggested me to do the Visualisation with open eyes. I thought it to be a superficial thing. But when I became aware of Angels and learned Angel Healings and other things about the mystical world, I removed my all insecurities and start Visualising for the life I wanted. 
I set up a different milestone and designed my future timeline and road map. I Visualised and lived my dream life with open eyes. 2018 I Visualised opening a healing center, 2019 I saw doing stage shows worldwide in now 2020  to attract thousands of students who want to uplift their lives. Even in the corona time, my online courses did well, it was a boom instead. Because many people were suffering from different problems in lockdown. It’s just a simple experience, be it love, Finance, relationships or health. Live it, feel it, Visualise it with open eyes. See yourself with a 2000/- rupee note, healthy relationship (facing separation or problems), or anything.
My personal experience has been miraculous when I merge Angel healing with other modalities. Be it NLP + Angels, or the law of attraction+ Angels or anything. angels do miracles.
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