How To Write Letter To Angels

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Every person is going through some issues or have some deep desires, for that Angel letter can work great. Not all at one time, but if you prioritise Angel letter are is a great source for healing or desire manifestation. Through this, you can connect with Angels easily and fulfil your deep down desires. So let’s start with the procedure.

1) Calm Yourself: You must be in peace without stress and worries. You can call Angels for making you peaceful. Take deep breaths and relax.

2) Take an A4 size plain paper and a red pen (red is the colour for manifestation). Kindly write the letter without clutter and cuttings. Write clearly and beautifully as much possible.

3) Start with writing, ‘To dear Archangel (name)’ on the topmost left corner of the paper. Every Angel has its purpose and powers, kindly Write the letter to a specific angel for a specific purpose. You can write to multiple Angels but it should relate to the purpose. For example- if you are facing relationship issues write a letter to Archangel Raguel, if you are facing problems in confidence and courage write a letter to Archangel Michael, for memory loss and concentration you can write a letter to Archangel zadkiel and so on.

4) The main content, its time to write your issue or desire which you want to manifest. The key point here is do not write a letter in complaining form ‘ this is not going write, that is not write in my life, why my destiny is like this’, this is the wrong way. You have to start with gratitude. Start writing with thanks for everything I have, I give gratitude to you for manifesting or solving my issue. Always write wish in present or continuous present time. You also have to feel it while writing, your words and feelings should match.

5) End the letter- writeThankyou to Archangels and your Guardian Angels. We have 2 Guardian Angels for guidance e and protection from the day we are born, but we are unaware of it. I have shared many videos about Angels on my YouTube channel if you want to gain knowledge about Angels you can collect it from there.

6) Fold the letter and keep it in your Angel alter or your regular later. It will be great if you create your own Angel Alter. I have already shared how to make it in one of my videos. When your manifestation is done give final gratitude, make some donations to needy people in any form cloth, food or money. Bury the letter in mud, remember it should be a clean space like your plant pot, garden or under a tree.


These 3 points are really important to follow otherwise above procedure will go waste.

1) Take time to pray. To make any relationship strong you have to give time to them, Same with Angels. Take a minimum of 10-15 minutes daily to pray and connect with Angels.

2) Kindly handwash or take a bath before writing the Angel letter or praying. Just like you don’t go to a spiritual place without cleaning yourself, Angels are also Messengers of God and must be treated with respect. In general, it doesn’t look good to practice spiritual or clean things being dirty.

3) Have faith. While writing or praying you must have faith Angels are watching you and blessing you. Faith and devotion hatheve the highest vibration, you must be in faith for good results. Do not attach to the outcome, let it go. How it will be done, when it will be done that’s Angel’s work, your work is to surrender.

I hope you get a clear picture on this topic if you want more details you can watch the video. Free feel to call for any query or doubt.

Note: Claim your Free Online “Angel Introductory Program” available only for my subscriber. If you have not subscribed to my YouTube channel yet, Subscribe it now and avail the free online course.

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