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  • #1. Lack of self-love and self- worthiness.
  • #2. What are angel numbers
  • #3. Case Study : How Jyoti Changed her life after Online Basic Angel Courses

1. Lack Of Self-Love and Self-Worthiness

Have you ever come across with questions like how to overcome low self-worth? How to overcome low self-esteem? How to overcome lack of confidence and similar patterned questions?

Lack of self-love invites the feeling of lack of self-worthiness and lack of self-confidence. Self-love is very important to become a radiator of love. If you don’t love yourself, the other will not give or receive the energy from you. To stay aligned with the universe, self-love must be there. God has created this magical world for us but maximum people are stuck in their minds (Thoughts and emotions) by simply attaching themselves with other people, situations, opinions, beliefs etc. When you get aligned with nature and observe the beauty around you; self-love will become natural.

So if you are thinking to grow and nurture yourself, you must ask yourself, how I can overcome low self-esteem. The self-imagines you hold in terms of past, present and future immensely affect your self-love and self-esteem. On the past, you may have faced bad-mouthing, betrayal; rejection etc and your imprint got stained. Similarly because of tough present times and desires that you think is almost impossible to achieve breaks your self-esteem. if you want to know how to overcome self-esteem issues, this very important to learn the lesson and let of go off toxic things, do not get attached to everything around you. This is the same process when you ask how you overcome a lack of self-confidence.

Beyond the materialistic world if you get connected to the spiritual process the improvement shows up faster. Angels are the simple and one of the most powerful parts of spirituality that give you positivity to take yourself towards growth. A wise person who ends the journey of life with grace is always filled with self-esteem and self-worthiness. Your journey must start your conscience must start asking this as well as working on how can I overcome low self-esteem.

They show you different signs and guide you through Angel numbers for your answer.

2. What Angel Wants To Tell You When You See Angel Numbers


Now you might be thinking about what are Angel numbers, what is the meaning of Angel number and how do they work.

Numbers are also energy and any repetitive sequential number is angel number and through them, Angels want to convey you some guidance. These numbers carry message only when you see them randomly and unintentionally. Maybe on a watch like 11:11 or so, on the phone, newspaper, books, other texts, number plates, even on currency notes etc.

Now when we know what Angel numbers mean, let’s start knowing the meaning of every sequence number, the sequence may carry 3 or more digits.

000 – It means a new beginning, new opportunities, ideas etc. It can be in your finances, relationships, health, job, career etc. Angels are guiding you to become more receptive and aware.

111 – It means new manifestations. Sometimes a lot of things are in our thoughts and emotions; Angels are giving you signs that it is the time to get them manifest.

222 – Angels are saying it’s time to take the actions. No more only planning, it’s high time for executions. Lookup for the resources, become conscious and achieve what you want.

333 – Angel Guidance is saying you to look inside your natural capabilities and potentials. We all are healers; we all have physic abilities and high intuition power. When you work from the natural talent or potency you create miracles. Let’s look within our natural abilities or other talents you have.

444 – Angels and spirit guides are with you, blessing and protecting you. Enjoy your life fully without limiting yourself, take the necessary risk and grow.

555 – A big and sudden change is coming; life is going to make you ride new dimensions. Increase your flexibility, adaptability and inner strength.

666 – Take a break and maintain the balance between your spiritual and materialistic world. Angels are telling you to get connected within yourself to get a better outside world.

777 – Archangel Michael is showing up for you in the time of crises. He is always shielding you and blessing you. Just get connected to him.

888 – Infinite abundance on your way, unlimited resources, opportunities, ideas are getting attracted in your life. Make a good utilize, create miracles.

999 – The circle has been completed; you have achieved what you want. It’s time to go deeper and find your life purpose. The time of transformation has come.

I hope now you have a better understanding of what do Angel numbers mean. I hope with this your ‘how can I overcome my low self-esteem ends’ and you have gained the power to take right actions. Many people get confuse with what is Angel number and what is not: just listen to your guts and intuitive mind.

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3. Case Study : How Jyoti Changed her life after Online Basic Angel Course

Meet Jyoti Khutal based out of Mumbai. She is 35 years old. Jyoti always wanted to overcome her lack of confidence, fear of future uncertainties, lack of self-love, repeated negative thoughts and Lack of Self worthiness. However she realized the need for divine intervention and mentorship to overcome her issues. In the lockdown period she lost her job, her salary was stuck. One day she was surfing the law of attraction youtube videos to manifest good job and marriage during Covid Period. She saw my video on Youtube about how to invoke Angels for help and registered herself for the Free Angel Introductory Program followed by Online Basic Angel Course.

As a result she has received her stuck salary and successfully breaks the pattern of future uncertainties, Lack of Confidence, Lack of Self worthiness, Lack of Self Love and her negative thinking with the help of Angels. Today she is helping people with Angel healing.

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