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Hey everyone, I hope after reading blogs on Angels you are now a little aware of Angels. So today I thought of sharing some more depth in it; prayers to connect with Angels.
For this, we must be aware of Guardian Angels and Archangels about their purposes.
I have already blogs on how you can connect with Guardian Angels and take guidance & protection from them. Also, I have shared how you can invoke Angels. Now we will learn the prayers to establish a deeper relationship with them.
Though for the freshers, I  am sharing a brief intro about Angels. We all have 2 Guardian Angels that are assigned by God for our wellbeing, prosperity, guidance, and protection. They are just like our parents but more like divine and mystical. An Archangel is an Angel of higher rank, they are called for healing specific issues or help. All Archangels have their different purposes.
1) ARCHANGEL MICHAEL – Gives you courage, protection, and confidence.
2) ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL – Helps in finding a soulmate and helps in healing (emotionally, mentally, physically, financially, spiritually, and every aspect.)
3) ARCHANGEL GABRIEL – Gives you strength and helps in your career/job.
4) ARCHANGEL URIEL- Helps in creativity and mind clarity.
5) ARCHANGEL ARIEL- Gives financial assistance and stability.
6) ARCHANGEL HANIEL – Balances feminine energy and grace.
7) ARCHANGEL JOPHIEL – Helps in increasing beauty and joy.
8) ARCHANGEL RAZIEL – Helps in guiding and revealing secrets.
9) ARCHANGEL AZRAEL – Helps in dealing with the pain of death, separation, and responsible for a new beginning.
10) ARCHANGEL METATRON – Responsible for creating new Dimensions, Opens the Door of mysticism, has a 5D matrix.
11) ARCHANGEL ZADKIEL – Helps in justice and mercy.
12) ARCHANGEL RAGUEL –  Brings harmony in relationships.
13) ARCHANGEL CHAMUEL-  Restor and brings lost things.
14) ARCHANGEL  SANDALPHON -. Brings the musical rhythm of life and clear intentions.
So basically for creating a connection you have to sit with them, meditate and have gratitude for them, they are just not there to serve your mean purposes. You need a candle and your pure heart.
Light the candle, you can have a conversation with them mentally or on a paper. Write whatever type of relationship you want with them, and sit with that paper. It’s better to create a small altar from where you can invite Angels. It’s ok to create your Altar besides your other religious worship altar. Angels are energy beings and initially, you have to connect with them through your energy body. Meditate and visualize their presence, talk with them verbally or in mind. See yourself in the light of their blessings. Feel it every time. Slowly you will start feeling their presence by the positive vibes around you, you will start receiving guidance and protection. Angels are a form of divine cosmic energies and by getting connected to them you will automatically get aligned with the universal energies. You will become a natural healer and Manifestation will become more natural to you.
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Note: Join your  Online “21 Days Angel Manifestation  Program” . If you have not subscribed to my YouTube channel yet, Subscribe it now 

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