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Hello everyone, here is another interesting topic on Angels. I do so many counselling and find people require security and safety of themselves and their families. Angels are a great source of giving you protection. Not only you but also to your loved ones, your home, car and other important assets.
So let us begin with this topic, kindly practice these tips and experience the presence of angels.

1) Call and pray to guardian Angels. Imagine a bright white light covering and protecting thing/person you want to protect. You can do this before sending your child to school, or if your child stays in a hostel, with a relative, or even out of the country. Experiment and experience yourself, send your child school few days with shielding and one day without shielding; ask your child about his day.

Same thing you can do with your car, home, offices etc. The people who park their car outside their house must do it. Shield your car before going to sleep or whenever you need to do it. One of my students shared a beautiful experience with me, she has a jewellery showroom so she always uses Angel’s protection for her showroom. One day some robbers did try to break in but fortunately, they failed to break the last lock for some reason. She got an intuition that something is wrong and took action. She saved a big loss that day because of Angels.

2) You can take Angel’s protection while travelling also. Just imagine a hassle-free journey, you are at airport/ railway station and you don’t have to be in the queue, or even after heavy luggage, you don’t need to pay extra, you get the best seat and much more. You will see the magic once you start connecting with Angels. Magic happens in the life of people who believe in magic.
You can invoke Archangel Raphael while travelling. You will experience the best and comfortable journey. You get the best deals, best rooms and etc.

3) You can protect your home with Archangel Michael. If you have a feeling of getting robbed or hurt, just invoke Archangel Michael and pray him to guard your family and house. You can pray him to guard from the balcony, main gate or terrace. You have to just imagine a bright white light protecting your home with the grace of Archangel Michael and rest will be the work of Angels.

Note: Claim your Free Online “Angel Introductory Program” available only for my subscriber. If you have not subscribed to my YouTube channel yet, Subscribe it now and avail the free online course.

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