Table Of Contents
  • # 1. How Raksha started her journey with Angels?
  • # 2. How was Raksha able to cure the pain of her father with the help of Angels?
  • # 3. Raksha’s first experience with Angels.
  • # 4. How Raksha’s relations with her father got better with Angels’ help?
  • # 5. How Angels helped Raksha in getting coins?
  • # 6. How Raksha helped her friend and gave him protection with the help of Angels?
  • # 7. How Raksha helped her cousin in getting a new job with the help of healing?
  • # 8. How Angels helped Raksha in overcoming negative thoughts and fear?
  • # 9. Archangel Michel showed Raksha his presence.
  • # 10. How has Raksha transformed with the help of Angels?

Meet Raksha Murlidhar Sapdhare, who is 22 years old, based out in Maharashtra. She is a medical student pursuing BHMS. She had lots of negative thoughts and was unable to overcome them. She did not have a good relationship with her father, and she was less involved in her house. Moreover, the environment of her house was not good and she had fear for everything. Her father used to drink and do violence at home. There was a financial breakdown and she was worried whether she would be able to do the course or not.

However, she felt the need to communicate with Angels so that she can overcome her fear and negative thoughts. Also, she wanted to improve the environment of her house, which was getting worse.

As a result, she sought help from the Angels and realized that her life was going through a positive transformation. Her relationship improved with her father. All of a sudden, she was able to get money for her course, which was one of her wishes.

1. This is how I started my journey with Angels

Initially, I had no idea about Angels. Later, I got to know about them through one of the videos of Nitin sir. I felt peace and had a curiosity to know about them more. So, I applied for the Basic Angel Course. After completing the basic Angel course, I started feeling as if magic is going on in my life. I experienced a positive change in my life.

2. I was able to cure the pain of my father with the help of Angels

My father was going through a lot of pain in his leg. He was taking medicines and painkillers, but nothing was working. We felt as if nothing is going to work on his leg. Then finally, I invoked Angels, and with their help, the pain vanished as if it was never before. It was the first incident after doing Advanced Angel Couse that made me believe that Angels are there for my family and me.

3. My first experience with Angels

This was when I just started Basic Angel Course, followed by a 9-step process. My mother got a minor paralysis attack, and doctors asked us to get her tested. They were expecting one of the diseases and advised us to get her test reports so that they can prepare for the surgery. I got panicked and invoked Angels for help. The test reports were highly shocking. Even doctors were shocked after looking at the reports because everything was fine. My mother got well after some days.

4. My relations became better with my father

Initially, my father and I used to talk very little. I knew his nature but never felt the need to talk to him. We even did not get out for an outing. One of the reasons was that my mother and father use to fight a lot. Every night I used to have a fear that what will happen. Will my father throw us out of the house, or what will happen next? This fear resided in my mind like a phobia from which I was not able to come out. After completing the Basic Angel Course, followed by a 9-step process; I applied healing, and now, I am closest to my father and trust him a lot. Now, I have faith that I can share anything with him, and he is there to give me the right guidance. He trusts me a lot and does whatever I say. Angels helped me in building a close bond with my father.

5. Angels helped me in getting coins

I needed coins of Rs 10 but at the place where I reside, it’s rare to get a coin. I got worried about how I will get coins. I invoked Angels to help me because I needed them urgently. Suddenly, my mother got a call from one of my aunts, and my mother thought to ask her if she is having coins. My aunt told that she has lots of coins and we can take as much we want. This is how Angles helped in getting coins without much effort.

6. I invoked Archangel Michael to help my friend and give him protection

One day, one of my friends was on his way to his office, and suddenly his car stooped in the middle of the way. He started panicking because he was getting late and there was no help nearby. I invoked Archangel Michael, and suddenly a man came to help him and his car started.

One night, he was on his way to home and was feeling scared. He asked me to give him Angel protection. He was all alone on the way. I gave him Angel protection and he immediately felt protected and positive. He thanked me and Angels for giving him protection.

7. I helped my cousin to get a job

One of my cousins was an advocate at the high court, but due to the pandemic, he was at home for the past nine to ten months. During these months, he became pessimistic and lost all the hopes. My grandmother told him about me that I apply healings. He gave me a call the next day and asked me to apply healing on him. After ten days, he got selected for another job where there were only 5 seats, and thousands of candidates had applied for it.

8. Angels helped me to overcome negative thoughts and fear

Before doing the Basic Angel course and the Advanced Course, I was going through a lot of negative thoughts. I used to feel helpless and couldn’t do anything to remove these thoughts. After completing the courses, I experience peace and calm. Negative thoughts vanished, and now, I don’t experience them.

I had a problem of fear also. I used to feel fear for the consequences of my actions, due to which I use to sit alone in my thoughts. After the completion of courses, I take help from Angels and everything has turned to be easy for me. I ask for suggestions and advice from Angels before doing anything. I feel a boost in my confidence and don’t feel fear anymore.

9. Archangel Michael showed me his presence

One day while invoking Archangel Michael, I asked him to show me his presence. After that, I started searching for his presence. It was a rainy night, and suddenly I thought of looking outside the window. I saw a star in the sky, which was blinking and was purple. There was no other sky due to the weather. I closed my eyes and asked Archangel Michael whether that star was him, and suddenly that star appeared again.

10. Archangel Michael showed me his presence

Earlier, I was dedicated towards others and never use to care about myself. I did not get the same respect that I gave to others; due to this I used to get hurt easily. But after self-love, people value me and give me respect as well. Also, Angels have helped me to have control over my feelings because earlier, I was very emotional.

Now, I am independent and apply healing to others, which makes my family feel proud of me. I would like to give credit to the Nine Step Process Course, which helped me in gaining mastery over my emotions.

I would like to add that women must learn to have control over emotions. Try to love yourself because until you do not love yourself, no one will love you.

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