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    • #1 Thanks To Angels To Heal Past Painful Memories
    • #2. How To Give Thanks To Angels
    • #3. Case Study: How Shailakha Started Her Journey With Angels To Forget Past Painful Memories

Are you suffering from a bad past? Do your painful memories haunt you? Are you wasting your time in thinking how to forget bad past memories or How to let go of painful memories?

Well, if you have made your mind that you want to move on the next step of letting go of painful memories can be taken. Step by step you can heal yourself easily. Gratitude is one of the most powerful energies to heal and attract prosperity. If you give gratitude to something superior and divine, you get the outcome in magical ways.

1. Thanks To Angels To Heal Past Painful Memories

Angels – The divine form of energy can heal you in and out, the question is how to give thanks to the Angels and how it can be helpful in healing past painful memories. First of all this must be clear that every past makes us stronger, wiser and clears our karmic accumulation. Many times people ask me how to forget past bad memories and my answer is by channelizing your thoughts and emotions. The past doesn’t exist but you disturb yourself because of an attachment you have held on to it and have made a groove. With some positive energy you will be able to release these imprints, the best way is to call Angels for help.

2. How To Give Thanks To Angels

Wondering how to call Angels for help? Always keep contacting Guardian Angels, their basic purpose is to guide you and guard you. You have to make a call to Angels and pray to Angels to connect with the Angels. Prayer can be in any language and words, the intention must be strong. Just give yourself freedom to release unnecessary baggage, give thanks to your past that has made you a stronger and better person, do it continuously until your brain stops asking you how to forget past bad experiences.

1) When You Wake Up: It’s not a small thing if you wake up alive, you don’t know so many people didn’t wake up this morning; so many people have lost their loved ones. So always bring your awareness towards your breath and give gratitude to Angels for this wonderful life. Secondly, say thanks to your body it’s your real-life partner. Without this body you won’t be able to enjoy your life, giving thanks to Angels for keeping your body safe can bring miraculous results in your health. Also, check your loved ones, how are they, wish them, and greet them. It is a wonderful way to start your day.

2) Food and Water: You are doing your work because your stomach is full. Give gratitude to Angels for proving you the source of living, give gratitude to the farmers, sellers, your money, the person who cooks for you, you will see only through this practice your relationship, health and financial flow will improve. Try this before eating from the bottom of your heart.

3) Nature: Have you observed ever, the trees, the water, the air, the sun, the moon, the stars, and other resources; they are just giving you everything without any expectations or partiality. Give gratitude to Angels to give you the power to experience this nature. The more you give gratitude your inner nature will also start flourishing; you will become a source of unconditional love.

Gratitude can replace your whole complaining nature into appreciating and lovable. Whenever you start finding faults and start complaining, immediately switch your mind to something you are grateful for. You will see how positive your life will become, new doors of opportunities will show up, your relationships, health and finance will improve as past painful memories are the core obstacle against achieving a prosperous life. It must be removed immediately so you can experience a beautiful and wise life. I hope your heart will feel better after you have gained knowledge how to forget past bad memories. Just call your Angels!!

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3. Case Study: How Shailakha Started Her Journey With Angels To Forget Past Painful Memories

Meet Shailakha Musafir based out of Shimla. She is 28 years old and working as a teacher. Shailakha wanted to save the life of her family members but she faced deceit & unexpected deaths in her family. She also wanted to get her dream job in Kinnaur but every time she faced an unwanted outcome.

However, she realized the need for Angel Intervention and did an Online Basic Angel Course followed by a 9 Step Process. As a result, Shailakha was able to overcome all her fears, guilt, past memories, lack of confidence & also manifested her dream job.

Read the full story of Shailakha to know how she started her journey with Angels, how Angels cured severe backache of her grandfather, how Angels helped her Aunty to recover Rs. 10 Lakh, how Angels helped her in getting her Father’s earned money, how Angels helped her uncle in winning the court case and much more.

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