Table Of Contents
  • # 1. How Asha started her journey with Angels?
  • # 2. How Asha’s and her father’s health recovered with the help of Angels?
  • # 3. How Asha reached Mumbai safely with the protection from Angels?
  • # 4. How Asha joined the Angel courses?
  • # 5. How Asha’s father cured through Angel’s healing

Meet Asha S who is 38 years old, based out of Mumbai. She lives with her mother and father and has two sisters who are married. She started her event management business in 2017, but she went through a lot of difficulties and many people deceived her. She had a very bad experience as people acted as a hurdle and did not allow her to conduct successful events. After that, she lost her confidence and believed that she can’t do anything in her life. All in all, she faced failure in every event. She did not know how to deal with trust issues and insecurities. She got an event in a bidding session and offered to conduct the event at a lower price and faced a lot of problems after that. She decided to take this step even after knowing that she has signed an agreement with her boss that she can’t open a company nor take his clients.

However, she felt the need to talk to the Angels and get solutions to her problems. She wanted to leave behind all that negativity that she had been facing in her life. She wanted to start fresh with the help of Angels.

As a result, she got herself enrolled in the Online Basic Angel Course followed by the Nine-Step process. After completing the courses, she felt as if she has got a new life and started leading a happy life. She overcame all those bad memories that were haunting her day and night.

Read the full story to know how she started her journey with Angels, recovered her father’s health with the help of Angels, reached Mumbai safely with the help of Angels, joined Angel courses, got rid of unwanted calls, and cured her father through Angel healings.

1. This is how my journey started with Angels

I came to know about Angels through one of my artists, who was there at my event. I used to hear from him but never thought to believe in them. After an incident, when I saw Angel for the first time, I started believing in them. I saw a white light and felt as if an Angel was there.

2. Mine and my father’s health got better after the Angel courses

I used to wake in between my sleep and had a lot of pain during my periods. I used to get up at the interval of one hour at night. I used to feel as if I was not sleeping and I had been suffering from this problem since 2014. I use to feel as if someone is trying to transport negative energy to me due to which I use to feel headache all the time. I wanted to know how to get rid of depression. My problem vanished in thirty seconds of healing by Nitin Sir. I have been able to lead a happy life with the help of Angels.

My father has an eye operation for a cataract and I invoked Angels before the operation. As a result, the operation was successful and Angels helped me during that time.

3. Angels helped me to reach Mumbai from Delhi safely

I departed from my residence in Delhi a bit late and took an auto who took me to the airport. When I went to the boarding window, they said that now it’s late and I need to book tickets for another flight. I requested them and shared my problem that I need to reach Mumbai on time. They informed another staff member and were trying to help me. Meanwhile, I invoked Angels and asked for help, and finally, the staff took me to the plane. I boarded the flight, drank water, and sat on my seat. Before coming to Delhi also I prayed to the Angels to go with me because it was the first time I was traveling to Delhi. I am really thankful to my Guardian Angels for this help.

4. This is how I joined Angel courses

I was watching videos on Youtube and suddenly saw Nitin Sir’s 14 days Free course How to Achieve success in your life. I got to know that Angels can help in money-related, health-related, and relationship-related issues. Moreover, I got to know how to get rid of past painful memories. I thought I should try these courses and even made notes of the free course. I felt as if my brain was healing when I was watching the video. After watching the video, I contacted Nitin Sir and shared all the challenges that I was facing. I got healed within thirty seconds because of Angels.

5. My father was cured because of Angels

In 2018, my father got a serious attack due to high blood pressure. He went to play carrom with his friends but ended up reaching a house. After a few minutes, he realized that it was not our house. ( hamare building me naaaate hue galati se wohbaaju k building me gaye same flat no. same floor only building was diffrent , kyokiussi time unko BP attack aayatha ) He came down from that house and came back to our house. He recited the whole incident to us. He complained of a headache and my mother thought it was due to acidity. She guided him on how to cure headache.

At 3 am, he complained of a severe headache and asked how to get rid of the headache but we couldn’t go to the doctor due to unavailability of transportation. In the morning, we took him to the doctor who disclosed that my father had an attack due to high blood pressure and a hemorrhage might also be there. He started getting paralysis attacks and his condition worsened. My elder sister and I took him to another hospital for a CT scan.(& MIR also ) I kept praying to the Angels to cure my father. My ATM card was also not working so I had to rush to another ATM. Finally, I was able to withdraw money and my father was admitted to the ICU. We asked the doctor to call another doctor and start his treatment. I was so nervous to sign the form that claimed that after 24 hours the hospital will not be responsible for anything. My sister consoled me and somewhere I had faith in Angels that they would help my father. I pray to the Angels and with the Angel healing my father got up and the doctor called me, informed me about the same. It was not less than a miracle, even doctors were surprised. Finally, I met him and talked a little about his health.

I have a few words to share with all the women that we should not feel depressed in challenging situations, try to learn from those challenges. Women must try to perform well in challenging situations and always feel motivated to achieve something in their lives. We must learn how to get rid of depression without medication.

At last, I would like to thank Angels for supporting me and guiding me in the right direction. I feel fortunate that I came in contact with Nitin Sir who has helped me in making my life better.

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