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  • # 1. This is how Bhumika started her journey with Angels
  • # 2. How did Bhumika get insurance coverage with the help of Angels?
  • # 3. How was Bhumika able to cure her father and improve her health through Angels?
  • # 4. How did the Angels take care of Bhumika’s family in her absence?
  • # 5. How was Bhumika able to cure the anxiety of her daughter with the help of Angels?
  • # 6. What challenges Bhumika has been able to overcome with Angels?

Meet Mrs. Bhumika, 41 years old from the USA, and lives with her 17-year daughter, 10-year son, and husband. There were a lot of problems going on in her life and she took assistance from some spiritual teacher but she realized that she was turning into something else. She also faced psychic attacks and was feeling trapped in them. She just wanted to start fresh and come out of the situation.

She was depressed because of the disturbed condition of her sister who is two years younger than her and raped by her cousin only. She wanted to help her sister to come out of that trauma and finally, she was able to do so with the help of Angels. Today, she believes that challenges provide solutions to us. She finds satisfaction in spreading happiness and applying healing to others as well. She improved her brother-in-law’s condition too with Angel healing who was suffering from cancer by applying healing of cancer.


1. This is how I started my journey with Angels

From the beginning, I had faith that Angels are with me but that faith became after a few years. I realized the presence of Angels in 2017 when I felt as if Angels were giving me blessings and their hands were on my head. For a few hours, I could not feel any emotions and had negative thoughts. I first encountered information about Angels from Sanjeev sir because my daughter was facing anxiety and my husband was also not doing well in his job. There were other problems as well going on in my life, I started Reiki and felt a bit relieved. I was also looking for a few other things, meanwhile, I looked at a video by Nitin Sir (I call him Nitin Bhaiya) on Angels.

After watching the video I felt very positive and contacted him. After having a conversation with Nitin Bhaiya, I felt very happy because I felt joy from the inside. I took an exit from all the assistance from Sanjeev sir that I was taking. Gradually, all the problems vanished after I finished my Online Basic Angel Course followed by the 9 Step Process. I must say that Nitin Bhaiya is an Angel to me. I have manifested so many things after connected with Angels.

My husband made a profit in the share market of about $45000. It’s also a big achievement.

I purchased a few abundance bracelets from Nitin Bhaiya and gave one to my brother with the intention to grow in business. I invoke Archangel Ariel also. His business flourished now.

My mother-in-law got a nice housemaid after two years with the help of Angels. She is so happy.

2. I was able to get insurance coverage due to Angels

One day the water heater busted and the water spell in the building and wooden walls got damaged due to it. We had our insurance but the company refused to provide coverage due to some reason. Our society also claimed a penalty of $10,000, which was supposed to be paid within a week. I started applying healings and invoked Archangel Michael to help us and remove fine as well Generally, Angels try to give a signal when any of my family members are not well or under any challenging situation. The next day, we got a letter that our insurance was approved and got money in our hands.

It was much unexpected and we even left hope for insurance coverage. It was possible because of Angels only.

3. Angels protected my father and are improving his health condition

One day my father’s blood pressure started sinking, we gave him water with a few pinches of salt. The blood pressure rose but started sinking again, I asked my mother to give more but she said it’s not possible due to his kidney problem. I suggested giving him three spoons of salted water after every ten minutes. Besides, I started healing as well. We realized that his blood pressure was rising and he got back to normal. From then, I started doing healings and he started feeling better day by day. Today, my father shares that those who have been on dialysis have not been able to survive for long. He had witnessed all the cases and realized that he was in a better position irrespective of the same problem. I am grateful to my Angels for my father’s healing. All the credit goes to Angels only.

4. Angels took care of my family when I was not at home

I was supposed to go to India and asked the Angels to take care of my home until I came. Whenever I used to do a video call, I used to see blue and green lights, which was a signal from Angels that they were protecting my family. When I came I found that everything was fine.

5. Angels helped in curing the Anxiety of my daughter

The problem started when my daughter was in 9th grade. When we shifted to New Jersey, she found a lot of competition and got worried about her academic performance. She used to feel that she would not be able to perform better even though she was doing well. I counseled her to boost up her confidence but nothing worked. Then, I started applying Angel healings that acted like magic. Finally, I have helped my daughter in overcoming negative thoughts. Today, my daughter is in 11th standard with full confidence.

6. Challenges that I have been able to overcome through Angel Courses

My father-in-law and brother-in-law had rare cancer. Cancer was something, which was hereditary in the family of my in-laws. I had a fear that someday my husband will also be diagnosed with the same. These thoughts captivated my mind to such an extent that they turned into one of the biggest fears of my life. My brother-in-law lost all the hopes, became pessimistic about his life, and had fear of dying from cancer. Today, after healing, all his chakras are balanced. I started prayers and felt that I was able to overcome my fear and stop negative thoughts. I felt a change within myself and my brother-in-law.

I used to have unwanted fear that had no reason. After I started praying to Angels before sleeping, I found positivity inside me. Today, I don’t feel any fear. I learned that I need to be happy and optimistic to lead a happy life. Moreover, I learned that I cannot allow negative thoughts to enter my mind. Right now, I am working on my obesity and laziness and hope to get results soon. Because of my fear, I couldn’t sleep for around two months and get frustrated as well. After healings, I felt a drastic change in myself. I invoke Archangel Michael and ask them to vanish all the negative thoughts from my mind.

Today, I am more calm and patient. Earlier, I was dealing with negative thoughts. I don’t feel negativity or hatred for anyone. I feel immense joy and happiness after connecting with Angels. I don’t feel jealous or any negative feelings. Always, it feels that Angels are with me for protection.

I would say the more you will spread happiness and joy, the more you will have inner satisfaction. You should stay away from negative thoughts and think positively even in a challenging situation. Take help from Angels to overcome the challenges of your life.

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