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  • # 1. How Brishti started her journey with Angels?
  • # 2. How Brishti cured her hair fall with the help of Angels?
  • # 3. How Brishti started having control over her emotions with the help of Angels?
  • # 4. How Brishti increased her concentration power with Angel courses?
  • # 5. How Brishti changed her life with the help of the 9-Step Process?
Brishti Mandal

Meet Brishti Mandal, who is 19 years old and pursuing a B.Sc. She was going through one of the difficult phases of her life when she wanted to give direction to her career and wanted to have control over her emotions. Her breakup was one of those incidents that disturbed her a lot. She was also going through some health problems like hair fall and even medicines by doctors had failed. Things were so difficult for her that she was not able to concentrate on her studies. At a point, she went under depression as well, and it was tough for her to get back to normal.

However, she felt the need to communicate with Angels so that she can overcome the trauma of her breakup and have control over her emotions. She wanted to start her life fresh and break all the old patterns that were creating difficulties for her.

As a result, she communicated with Angels and felt a drastic change in her life. She was successful in overcoming all the hurdles in her life. She mastered her emotions and broke all the negative patterns in her life. She felt confident and saw an increase in self-love. Today, she is leading a satisfactory life and feels happy with herself. She doesn’t feel alone at all because she knows Angels are there to help her.

This is how I started my journey with Angels

I got to know about Angels in 2019 when I was going through a very painful situation as it was the time when I experienced a breakup. During that time I was preparing for my NEET exam from Akash Institute. I was stressed due to double reasons because my exam was not getting cleared and the breakup was the other reason. During that time, I was witnessing Angel numbers a lot. After that, I got Nitin sir’s video in 2020. The video was based on switchwords, and felt the need to do Angel courses from him. It was my second drop year, so I was unable to get into the course. I was supposed to do a paramedical course, but I told my father that I want to do the Angel course from Nitin sir because I want to master my emotions.

So, I left that paramedical course and took admission in B.sc.

I cured my hair fall with the help of Angels

I used to lose around 200 hairs daily I went to the doctor and he diagnosed a disease. I took medicines for 3 months but I did not experience a significant change in my hair fall. So, I thought to change the doctor. Meanwhile, I was doing the Angel course. I did what I was learning from the course and from then, I lose not more than 30 hairs in a day. This is something that is highly magical for me. I am very happy with the results. I used to share the course with my mom and she also used to feel very nice after listening to the course.

I started having control over my emotions

I used to have a lot of difficulty in having control over my emotions. Due to this, I would not study well and felt pain in my heart. Emotions had overpowered my brain due to which my capacity to think got blocked. I completed NLP and one more course from Nitin sir and after that my life has changed. I have full control over my emotions. These courses have helped me a lot in handling emotions very well. After my breakup, I went into depression but Angels have helped me to overcome that.

My concentration power increased with the help of Angels

Before completing Angel courses, I used to lack concentration. Doing something for a long duration was impossible for me. But after completing Angel courses, I feel I have been given some magical powers by Angels. Now, I don’t procrastinate things and have successfully been able to break its pattern. Today, I do things even if my health is not well. I feel the power within me that asks me to complete my work on time.

I feel happy with myself and don’t feel the need of having someone.

Now, I feel very happy every time and before this, I used to be very sad and annoyed. After completing Angel courses, I can say that I feel satisfied with myself and don’t need someone’s company to stay happy. I always get this feeling that Angels are with me even when no one is there. So, I can say that I have experienced an increase in self-love. Angels help me in everyday tasks and I don’t feel alone anymore. It is as if all my loneliness has vanished after doing Angel courses. It feels I need not worry about anything because Angels are there to help me in everything.

I feel my life has changed after doing the 9-Step Process

I am very thankful to Nitin sir and Angels who guided me to do the 9-Step Process because it has completely changed my life. I was determined to do this course from Nitin sir because others who provide this course at cheaper rates were not that good. Though I faced some financial issues in between, somehow I managed to get money for the course. This course has proved to be very beneficial for me.

I would like to say to the youth of my age and their parents that all of you must do NLP and take help from Angels whenever needed. There is no one who can balance emotions very well and Angel courses can help you to do so.

For those who don’t complete the 9-Step Process, I would like to say that a few courses are not enough in bringing a significant change in life. Learning healings is very important to take help from Angels. All the courses are connected, so even if you leave even one course, things will remain incomplete.

For those who are unable to take action in their lives, I would like to say they are doing a very big mistake in their lives. If they will not take action now, they will be required to do that in the future. So, it’s better to take action today. What you will get from the Angels courses is priceless.

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