Table Of Contents
  • # 1. How Deepti Changed her life with the help of Angels
  • # 2. How Angels showed Deepti their presence?
  • # 3. How Angels came in human form and helped Deepti to cross the road?
  • # 4. How Deepti helped her friend in his business with the help of Angels
  • # 5. How Angels helped Deepti to cure her mother

Meet Deepti Nahar based out of Pune. She is 27 years old and working as a team lead in HDFC Bank. She wanted to become a healer, motivational speaker and life coach but she faced Physical disability, an issue with eyesight where eyesight gets poor day by day which causes permanent blindness and it is one of the very rare and incurable diseases as there is no medicine and treatment in medical science. She lost her motivation level and led towards depression. She wanted to know how to overcome self-esteem issues and how to overcome a lack of self-worthiness.

However, she realized the need for magical change, guidance, motivation to live life with Angels. She also wanted to know the purpose of her life. She got an Online Basic Angel Course, because of her weak eyesight; she cannot read anything in normal font size. Whenever she felt something important had been written on an LED board used in an online course, she took a screenshot so that she would be able to zoom it and read it.

As a result, she is able to change behavior patterns of herself. She builds confidence and adopts a positive outlook towards her life. She is also able to remove all fears, future uncertainty and worries. She overcame depression and living a stress free life.

1. Deepti Changed her life with the help of Angels

I was born in the 7th month due to premature birth. I was a weak and very delicate child. I get infected very easily as my immunity is not strong. My parents took extreme care to keep me alive when I was growing. My parents find there is some problem in my eyes. I am looking towards things differently than when I was 4 year old. I could not see clearly. Due to heavy glasses my parents always requested school teachers to allow me to sit in the first bench so I could see the blackboard. But on the front bench I was never ever able to see anything from the blackboard. So I grasped the content by listening. I always got more than 90% marks so no one had any doubt about my eye problem.

I wanted to become a C.A but my parents did not allow me as they think I am very weak I need to study so hard which will create more stress on my eyes so I did post graduation in banking and finance I done all my studies in normal school I didn’t taken any special facility due to my problem. Suddenly 1 problem started in sunlight I can see stairs if I have to go up but if I have to go down I cannot able to see a single step I tell it to my doctor so they recommended to 1 doctor at Hyderabad then she said you can not see steps because retina is not stable some patient face issue in sun and some at night it is degeneration of retina. Doctor told me that my vision will reduce slowly and it will cause blindness or equal to blindness. I was completely blank. I can’t see anything in my future. At present my vision is 1 feet only but I get problems with brightness so I can not use computer and laptop. I cannot read newspapers or books to read anything that should be written in bold and bigger font. I cannot drive, I cannot walk a single step in sunlight without black glasses in the sun and bright light I can not see even at 1 feet distance. If anyone is on distance more than 1 feet then I don’t recognize people with faces, I recognize them with their voice . I have color blindness also. I felt depressed, frustrated when I knew that there is no cure available for this disease. All the time I faced the embracement from my workplace where everyone got a chance to get a promotion but I did not. I was totally shocked and started to cry when doctors told me that there is no cure for this disease and it leads to blindness. I don’t understand how I will manage this if I become blind in a few years ??

When I came to know that my disease can never be cured, I thought of suicide in my mind. I did not want to live. One day in lockdown I was very depressed and wanted to know how to get out of depression alone. I was always thinking of some other option to be independent if I leave my job or situation and I am not able to work due to blindness and I don’t have the answer to what I will do ???? I came to know about Angels from one of my friends, he shared one video of an Angel to me. Independence is more important than anything I can adjust in any situation but I can’t live life with a dependency that’s why I left all luxury and staying in another house. I want to free myself financially. I do not want to depend on my parents and others for money. While looking at Angel videos I found one video of Nitin Sir about Angels. I watched his videos continuously for two days then I called him and asked him if angels exist??? I never heard before about them. He told me yes it’s true you can experience it and then I joined the Online Basic Angel Course on an immediate basis. I feel that this is the path that was shown by God. Angels helped me to change my behavior pattern and I have seen so many miracles in my life with the help of Angels. Finally, I got the way for how to get out of depression without medication.

2. Angels showed me their presence

Many incidents are happening in my life which proves that positive energy is helping me whenever I need help or I am stuck. After joining the basic angel course I feel the presence of an Angel. I started doing Angel Meditation but I am very lazy to wake up early in the morning. After joining the basic angel course I decided to do Angel Meditation regularly. I said my Angels I know you give reply through some messages but if you want to say me something through signs or message it is not possible that I can see them or understand, so my angels if you want to talk to me please make me understand through thoughts, feelings, and voice as learnt in Online Basic Angel course. One day I have to wake up at 4.30 a.m. morning and for me waking so early is impossible so I said my Angels please wake me up at 4.30 and I sleep it was winter so instead of AC I on my fan on slow mode and get sleep at morning suddenly I heard some sound around 4:30 am 2 to 3 times and I wake up I got afraid as I am sleeping alone in my room then I come to know this voice is coming from fan and as I wake up that sound get stop I said thanks to Angels and felt very happy that my Angels are with me in my path to help me and that moment all my stress depression get finished I got purpose of my life and I decided to go for 9 Step Process and heal myself as well as I decided to help others too. I have also learned how to overcome low self-worth.

3. Angels came in human form and helped me to cross the road

Every time I feel there is one positive energy with me who protects me. I used to share every thought of mine to Sai baba like a friend and whenever I stuck anywhere I got help from him in human form. I used to stay alone in girls PG but every weekend I go home and Monday morning I come to the office by cab or auto. one day I was coming through the cab and he dropped me on the opposite side of my office. it’s 10 am and there is bright sunlight. the driver was not ready to take a U-turn. It’s very difficult to cross the road to me. Vehicles were passing at high speed. In the light, I couldn’t see anything on the phone to call anyone in the office. Driver dropped me in between and no other person was crossing the road from there, otherwise, I could follow him and cross the road. Then I just prayed to the Angels for help and suddenly someone came and helped me to cross the road without asking me anything. It was just like a miracle and I said thanks to the Angels.

4. Angels helped my friend in his business

I am feeling less worthy sometimes. Angels help me to overcome those feelings and they give me purpose to live my life and give me more courage. I started doing Angel healing for my chronic disease as well as I did Angel healing for one of my family friends as he was not getting success in his work whatever work he took in his hand. Even all his contracts get cancelled at the end but after Angel healing his clients start calling him from there side. They are taking initiatives and one of his deals gets finalized which was pending since a long time. That contract was about 10 crore and my friend got success in this deal. She got that opportunity and now work is in progress as well as he gets more opportunities. Meanwhile, she also learned how to get out of frustration.

5. Angel Healed my mother

My mom had gone with surgery to remove the internal puss on the Hip joint. She had been in severe pain and discomfort. I invoked Archangel Raphael to heal my mother and instantly she was relieved from the pain.

Thank you Angels, Thank you Nitin sir for coming into my life as my mentor.

Now I am living a magical life with Angel blessings, I don’t have any future uncertainty. because I know whatever situation comes my Angels are with me. I want to help people, especially those who are suffering from a physical disability. My concern is to motivate them and give them a reason to live life. This is a life purpose that I want to grow and contribute to society. I want to create my own identity, I want to write books, I want to give knowledge to society through my videos. Finally, I got the answer for how to get out of suicidal thoughts.

I want to give a message to all women that even if your financial condition is good, never get financially dependent on your parents or husband. Every woman should be financially independent and create their own identity, respect and value in front of the world. Every woman should create their worthiness and never give up in any situation. I don’t know if I can see this world for more than 2 years, 3 years or 5 years but till my last vision I will do everything which will add values in me and others’ lives.

I am very happy that I got Nitin sir in my life in the form of Angels and mentors which helps me in changing my and other’s life. I always thank the Angels for bringing Nitin sir into my life.

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