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  • # 1. This is how Dharmi started her journey with Angels.
  • # 2. How do Angels stay with Dharmi to help her throughout the day?
  • # 3. How Dharmi and her friend overcame Blackmagic with the help of Angels?
  • # 4. How Dharmi helped her husband and client in getting profit in business?
  • # 5. How Dharmi progressed with the help of Angels
  • # 6. How Dharmi removed negativity from the life of her friend and client?
  • # 7. How Dharmi overcame challenges in her life?
Dharmi Patel

Meet Mrs. Dharmi Patel, who is a healer, based out in Surat. She helps people who suffer problems in the field of money, relationship, or any other. She has helped people in changing their lives. In her personal life, she was going through a lot of issues. She had issues in her relationship, health, wealth, and career. She was finding it difficult to stand independently in terms of emotions. She had a sinus problem due to which her health was deteriorating. She was not satisfied with her career as well.

However, she felt the need to communicate with Angels so that she can give a direction to her life and have an aim. She wanted to overcome all the challenged that she was facing. Moreover, she wanted to have mastery over her emotions, which were her weakest part. Also, we wanted to work on her career and financial issues.

As a result, after communicating with Angels, she found a drastic change in her life. She got amazing results for her relationships and she recovered her sinus. She helped not herself but her husband also in generating more profit from the business. Today, she is leading a healthy and happy life. She has made her life better than before.

This is how I started my journey with Angels

I had no idea about what are Angels and how to invoke them. I got to know about them through a Youtube video of Nitin sir. I viewed an introductory program by him and applied all the things told by him to check whether it is right or not. I took help from Archangel Michael for my husband’s business and electrical issues of my house. I started getting amazing results from this. So, I decided to start my journey from Basic Angel Course. And I moved to advanced and the Nine Step Proces after this.

I keep Angels with me to help me out throughout the day

The moment I wake up, I invoke Archangel Michael to stay with me and remove all the negativity from my house. While cooking, I invoke Archangel Raphael to stay with me and heal the food that I cook. I invoke Archangel Samuel whenever I am with my friends. He helps me in having unconditional love within my heart so that I can talk humbly with everyone. I invoke Archangel Zadkiel and Archangel Raziel for the programming of my mind. I also keep Archangel Gabriel for my monthly health condition so that I experience less pain. Now, I don’t experience pain and have seen positive results.

I and my friend overcame Blackmagic with the help of healing

I was under Blackmagic for the past two years and was not even aware of it. After getting into Angel courses, I got to know that I was under Blackmagic. After realizing this, I performed healings. The same problem was there with my friend also. Currently, I am doing healing for a client who is going through the same problem. From all these incidents, I can say that all of us have got amazing results and feel free. Healings have changed our lives to another level. So, I thank Angels for this.

I helped my husband and a client in getting profit in his business

I am so happy to share that with the help of healings, my husband has been able to get three times more profit than he usually gets. My husband was planning to expand his business and get more profit but some problems were coming in it. For this, I thought of applying Angel healing and after that, the results were just mind-boggling. My husband got more profit in his business and we are very happy today. I am leading a very happy life and my family keeps me on priority when it comes to management or turning negative thoughts into positive ones.

The same thing happened with my client. I helped him with the same method and today, she is running her business successfully. I just asked her to have faith in Angels and trust in me. The results were something that was unexpected.

I have progressed a lot with the help of Angels

Earlier, I was not emotionally independent and used to feel sad whenever I did not get support and attention. I used to expect everyone to talk to me in a nice way and if that would not happen, I would cry a lot. Now, I have become highly confident. I have turned out into a personality that people are fond of. I am a personality whom people find interesting and feel the need to talk to me. Some people even ask me how I have been able to change my personality. People are amazed by such a transformation in me and I share how Angels have helped me in this.

I have removed negativity from the life of my friend and clients

I have overcome a lot of challenges in my life
One day my friend called me and shared that she was feeling highly negative. The level of negativity was to a level that she was thinking to give up her life. I did tarot card reading due to which we came to know that she was in an aggressive environment. I decided to give her the healings of Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael. Also, I gave her protection and reiki healing. After three days, she called me and shared that she was feeling far better and everything was well. She was so happy that she even shows her gratitude today.

One of my clients had issues in her relationship. I applied relationship healing and the results were visible after few days. All the issues of her relationship got solved. She also shows gratitude to me every time we meet.

I have overcome a lot of challenges in my life

Earlier, the four pillars of life that are relationships, health, wealth, and career were not strong. I was unable to get in the good books of someone. I was doing nothing for my career and it was in the situation of a standstill. Though I was in the salon industry, it was not a satisfactory career. I also had a sinus problem and used to experience cold for at least four days a week. My condition was unbearable I used to feel the need to get over with my life. It was not less than a miracle that I got recovered from it with the help of Angels and leading a healthy life. I am working on all the areas of my life and getting satisfactory results every day. With Angels, I feel like a family. All I can say is that I am very happy with my life and my life has become better than before. if I would not have done the Nine-Step Process, I would be suffering issues in relationships and finance.

With the help of this course, I have been to give an answer to those who were questioning my potential. I have progressed but also helped my husband to gain profit in his business.

For all the women, I would like to state that if you want to do something, then it is important to take action in life. Then leave everything on Angels. If you wish to achieve name and fame, then it’s you who need to take the decision. I was also like any common woman but Angel courses have helped a lot in bringing positive changes in my personality and life.

For those women, who don’t reach up to the Nine-Step Process, I would like to say they if you want to grow and make your soul a better one, then you must do this course. Initially, you may find it quite challenging to complete the course but things will settle on their own by the time. Just like I have healed myself, other women can also do the same. NLP is the most awesome part of the Nine-Step Process and will let you grow. You will find a change in the level of your confidence and potential enough to help others.

If women who are watching me want to know about how to become a healer, then I would like to say that if you get a good teacher, then it’s possible. It’s also one’s confidence that helps a lot. After that, just follow what your teacher says.

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