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  • # 1. How Dr. Sita started her journey with Angels?
  • # 2. How Angels helped Dr. Sita in opening her clinic?
  • # 3. How Dr. Sita helped her friend to get married?
  • # 4. How Dr. Sita helped people in overcoming past painful memories and emotional issues?
  • # 5. How Dr. Sita manages her time very well with the help of Angels?
  • # 6. How Dr. Sita overcame various challenges in her life?
  • # 7. How Dr. Sita has changed her life with the help of Nine Step Process?
Dr Sita

Meet Dr Sita, who is based out in Jaipur and is a doctor by profession. She was going through a lack of confidence, self-worthiness, and positive energy. She wanted to open her clinic but use to overthink how it will happen. She was looking for ways so that she can open her clinic easily. She wanted to attract more money. She was looking for some ways through which she can generate self-love and self-care.

However, she felt the need to communicate with Angels so that she can gain self-confidence and self-worthiness. Before starting anything, she used to think about obstacles rather than being positive about them. She wanted to get the right guidance to achieve the purpose of her life. She wanted to keep her energies high and wanted to maintain them. She wanted to know how she can deal with their clients for a better relationship.

As a result, she connected with Angels and got all the things that she was wishing for a long time. She witnessed how all the problems and obstacles from her life vanished. She got her desired property and gradually started opening her clinic. She is able to fulfill the purpose of her life. She achieved the purpose of her life within six months. Angels guided her in taking important decisions and removed obstacles from her life. Now, she is able to choose tarot card reading and healing as her career option.

This is how I started my journey with Angels

My sir shared a video about Angels and after watching that I felt that Angels can do magic. I thought I could find some information about them on Youtube and saw a video of Nitin sir. After watching that video, I felt the need to get in touch with Nitin sir and got myself enrolled in the Basic Angel course. After that, I learned healing as well. With the help of healings, I found a significant change in my professional life and relationship. I am glad to share that after getting into Angel courses, I found everything going on smoothly. My career started growing and I opened my clinic where I started getting clients. All in all, I can say that I found lots of positive things in my life.

Angels helped me in opening my clinic

Earlier, I was struggling in my professional field and had lost all the hopes for betterment. But soon after getting into Angel courses, I realized that things were developing on their own and I opened my clinic at home. The results that I was getting were beyond satisfaction. So, I thought of opening a separate clinic. I asked Angels for help and they guided me in choosing the right property. I am so happy to share that within 2-3 months I am going to fulfill my dream. I can say that this is the biggest achievement of my life that has been possible with the help of Angels; otherwise, I could not have been able to achieve this.

I helped my friend to get married

My friend was not able to find a suitable guy for herself and was entering her early 30s. She was experiencing a lot of issues and problems as well. She was highly depressed and tense due to all this. She discussed her problems with me and I started applying healing to her. After three months, she got a very nice life partner. Today, she is leading a very happy and satisfactory married life. Whenever she meets me she thanks me and Angels. I can say that this is my second achievement.

I help people in overcoming past painful memories and emotional issues

After doing Angel courses, I feel as if I have become a mind engineer who can understand the mind very well. I see that people go through various problems like jobs, relationships, and emotions. I try to get into the root of their problem and start working on it so that the problem gets resolved from the root. I am able to help people to change their thought processes and motivate them to think positively. I help people in finding the right career options for them. So, I can say I am successfully changing the lives of people and can solve their issues including those of relationships as well.

I manage my time very well with the help of Angels

Earlier, I used to struggle a lot in managing my profession. Now, I am managing two professions very well. Sometimes I get surprised that I manage patients, do Angel courses, and perform healing as well. After completing Nitin sir courses, I aim to become a life coach as well. So, I can say that I am managing three things at a time with success in each of them. I am so happy that things are going very well. I always ask for help from Angels whenever I feel difficulty in managing time. I make use of some tricks guided by Nitin sir to keep my energies high.

I have overcome various challenges in my life

As I have told earlier, I had issues with self-confidence, self-worthiness, and wanted to fulfill my aim. It took me almost six months to make my life better than before. Though I was told to try and get a government job, I always wanted to have my own clinic. This was something that I always wanted to achieve. I always wanted to do something through which I can change the lives of people and do something valuable for them. Whenever I used to work for that, some problems used to occur, which always led to delay in the completion of my dream. When I was not able to achieve my dream, I thought I will never be able to fulfill it and my life will remain aimless. I was going through a feeling of degradation. Due to this, I used to get panic attacks as well with a feeling of depression. I was so surprised that I started getting results after doing the Basic Angel course. Things got much smoother after I did the Nine Step Process and the results were magical. I felt the confidence to perform anything.

Nine Step Process has helped me to change my life

Today, I am free from issues like depression and anxiety attacks. I used to get stuck in painful memories and those things that were not happening. But the Nine Step Process helped me a lot in getting rid of all these things. I have applied healing for abundance and money due to which I have no financial issues. So, I can say that my life has changed entirely and I am adding value to the lives of many people.

When I compare my past and present, it feels like I have got a new birth. I was stuck in a few things six months before and was leading an unhappy life and today, the things have changed like they were never before. This course is something that can help in running things smoothly. You can get answers to every question through this course. After completing the Four Step Process I was confused about whether I should do the next because I was confused about quitting my job. But after the Nine Step Process, I can see that I can take decisions on my own and I decided to start my business.

I would like to say to women that they must do at least the Basic Angel Course because after this daily life issues will get solved and a feeling of self-confidence will rise in them. Women get stuck in these issues and forget to do something for themselves. This course must not be missed by housewives because they can choose the profession of healing as their career because through this, they can generate money and add value to the life of others. Those who are into their business can make a lot of changes and expand their business.

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